Tuesday, February 10, 2009

UNC versus Duke

Sorry Vineesh, I beat you to it. The greatest rivalry in college hoops resumes tomorrow as UNC and Duke square off. These games are always tight and full of excitement. It seems like the average fan, even if they are not a Duke or UNC fan, picks one of the teams and hates the other one with a passion.

UNC was the #1 team in the country for several weeks until losing to BC. Duke was more recently #1 but fell to Wake Forest their first game in the top spot.

It's hard to look out for a player to watch because both teams are star studded, but X factors for me are Danny Green on UNC, and Kyle Singler for the Blue Devils. Danny Green is full of energy and is a serious scoring threat as well as a great defender. Singler is a solid all around player, and when he plays well Duke usually wins.

My prediction is that UNC beats the struggling Duke team 74-68. Psycho T is going to will his team to victory and silence the Cameron Crazies. The game will air on ESPN at 9:00 on Wednesday.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Top 10 Athletes: According to Vineesh

Today in sports, there are so many stand out athletes that are out to make a name for them selves, and not to live in shadows of other stars that once were in their shoes. Recently, I have been thinking about my favorite professional athletes, and those that are most dominant in their sports. Some of these athletes are known all around the world, and others are under the radar. None the less, these athletes play the game hard, and are well respected for what they do. Here are my top 10 athletes of today:

10) Albert Pujols-the most consistant hitter in baseball over the past 5 years
9) Larry Fitzgerald- best reciever in the NFL, at this point in time
8) Alexander Ovechkin- most overlooked young athlete in the world
7) Usain Bolt- fastest man ever
6) Rafeal Nadal- the changing ofthe guards became official in my eyes at the Ausie Open
5) Cristiano Ronaldo- footballer of the year
4) LeBron James-52, 9, 11 at the garden...
3) Tiger Woods- though injured, he will in 4 majors this year
2) Micheal Phelps- knows how to win, and party with college kids
1) Kobe Bryant-KOBE

Quick Thoughts on Mr. Rodriguez

Let's make this clear: I think Alex Rodriguez is a great player, but i never wanted him to be a Yankee in the first place. When Alex signed with the Yankees in 2004, I was skeptical on how he would preform in the Big Apple. I never questioned his numbers, until now, or if he was qualified to play his position.

After watching 60 Minutes on December 16, 2007, I believed A-Rod, but my mother did not. I never thought a man of his caliber would swoop to the level of performance-enhancing drugs. But sure enough, just like all those who denied using them, did. He felt he would gain an edge by doing so. His use of steroids have always been in question, and quiet frankly, no one was wrong for doing so. He lied, he cheated, and just like every other player, he should be put in a court before a jury, and go through what everyone else is going through. And if he was on the Red Sox right now, I would be laughing so hard, however he is a Yankee. He puts a bad name to the Yankees right now, and they do not need this going into a very promising looking season. Not to mention, he does not deserve to wear the number 13.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The MLB is @#$%ed

Since it's the front page of every sports website, I'm sure you've heard. A-Rod allegedly tested positive for steriods back in 2003. Blah, blah, blah. I'm past the point where I'm angry at steroid guys. Now it's just depressing. As much as I hate A-Rod, he was supposed to be baseball's clean record holder. A-Rod is going to have immortal records if he stays healthy and the mlb was relying on him to be hope in the steroid era. He was an immensely talented young kid in Seattle, turned superstar who feld to Texas, turned weirdo who has trouble handling the NY pressures. Now this.

This sucks. I was a huge A-Rod fan back in the day and have absolutely hated him recently. But I never would have wished for this because it is setting baseball back into the steroid stone age. If it comes out that Griffey was a steroid user, it will ruin my childhood and I'll probably be done with baseball forever.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Avery Back in New York?

The New York Rangers are trying to claim Sean Avery off waivers so he can return to The Big Apple. Avery spent a year and a half on the Rangers and was a key part of their team. Most people don't know Avery from his abilities on the ice, rather the controversy that he causes off it.

Avery, who left the Rangers for the Dallas Stars last off season, made a comment in November about Flames defensemen Dion Phaneuf and Avery's ex-girlfriend saying that she was "sloppy seconds". The league then suspended him, sent him to anger management, and he hasn't played a game since.

Even though Avery struggled this year while he was playing, he put up solid numbers with the Rangers and they were a much better team when he was in their lineup then when he wasn't. He loves to trash talk and draws a lot of penalties. The Rangers need a guy like him who is physical and not afraid to charge the net. This will be a good move for them as long as he can keep his focus. The Rangers are a soft team this year, but with him they will have more of a physical game so teams won't be able to boss them around.

Personally, I think that Sean Avery is a disgrace to the game of hockey. His antics on the ice are enough for me to hate him. I do however feel like the NHL was wrong in suspending him this year for his comments, that weren't really that harsh. He has said and done worse things in the past where no action was taken. Avery is known for his cheap shots and dirty play. They even named a rule after him when he waved his arms and stick in front of Martin Brodeur last season. Although he is a classless, dirty, player he can help the Rangers in a lot of areas because he is a skilled player. Ranger fans better hope he doesn't pull anything stupid because one more incident will result in a harsh punishment from the league.

One more thing I am interested in seeing is how he will fit in again with his teammates. After he left New York over the off season, he blasted numerous players such as Brandon Dubinsky, Nigel Dawes, and Henrik Lundqvist. He burnt down all of hi bridges with the team and now he is going to have to fix it somehow.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What if NBAers played for the Hometown Team?

Over at Depressed Fan, they realigned the NBA rosters according to where the players are from. Everybody plays for the hometown team, no exceptions. It's a pretty cool look at how different everything would be and what cities and towns are hotspots for future NBA talent.

Here are some of the best teams and some interesting squads:

Charlotte Bobcats:
PG Chris Paul (Clemmons, NC)
SG Ray Allen (Dalzell, SC)
SF Josh Howard (Winston-Salem, NC)
PF Antawn Jamison (Charlotte, NC)/David West (Garner, NC)
C Kevin Garnett (Mauldin, SC)
This is the best team out and I can't see any reasonable way that this team wouldn't win the title. Chris Paul and KG would be unstoppable together and Allen/Howard/West is a deadly finish to the starting 5.
Chicago Bulls:
PG Derrick Rose (Chicago, IL)
SG Dwyane Wade (Oak Lawn, IL)
SF Andre Iguodala (Springfield, IL)/Wilson Chandler (Benton Harbor, MI)
PF Corey Maggette (Oak Park, IL)
C Eddy Curry (South Holland, IL)
Watching Rose, Wade, and Iguodala together would be awesome. The dunks, drives, and highlights would be unbelievable to watch.
Houston Rockets:
PG TJ Ford (Sugarland, TX)
SG Rashard Lewis (Alief, TX)/Daniel Gibson (Houston, TX)
SF Paul Millsap (Grambling, LA)
PF Kendrick Perkins (Beaumont, TX)
C Emeka Okafor (Houston, TX)
This is a solid team that would do a great job competing. But, no way Perk gets in this starting lineup.
New Jersey Nets:
PG Randy Foye (Newark, NJ)
SG J.R. Smith (Newark, NJ)
SF Al Harrington (Elizabeth, NJ)
PF Troy Murphy (Morristown, NJ)/Tim Thomas (Paterson, NJ)
C Andrew Bynum (Metuchen, NJ)
This team would be surprisingly good. Harrington and Tim Thomas would spread the floor and give Foye and Smith room to run all over the floor. Not too mention Bynum is the middle.
New Orleans Hornets:
PG Chris Duhon (Slidell, LA)
SG Monta Ellis (Jackson, MS)/Mo Williams (Jackson, MS)
SF Danny Granger (New Orleans, LA)
PF Tyrus Thomas (Baton Rogue, LA)
C Al Jefferson (Prentiss, MS)
I like this team with Mo at the point. This team is very solid and would give team nightmares with their athleticism.
Orlando Magic:
PG Damien Wilkins (Orlando, FL)
SG Vince Carter (Daytona Beach, FL)
SF Tracy McGrady (Auburndale, FL)/Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (Montverde, FL)
PF Marreese Speights (St. Petersburg, FL)
C Amare Stoudemire (Orlando, FL)
This team would suck, but watching VC, T-Mac, and Amare would be awesome.
Washington Wizards:
PG Allen Iverson (Hampton, VA)
SG Jeff Green (Hyattsville, MD)
SF Carmelo Anthony (Towson, MD)
PF Kevin Durant (Rockville, MD)/Michael Beasley (Prince George's County, MD)
C Rudy Gay (Severn, MD)
This is another team that would be better suited for the highlight reel than standings. Green should really be the PF and Durant the SG. They'd get bullied all day inside, but who cares, they'd push the fastest pace of all-time. It'd be 4 seconds or less.

The Big East is Just That Good

Notre Dame basketball had high expectations from everybody this season. They were supposed to compete for the Big East Title and roll through the regular season. With arguably the nations best player, Luke Harangody returning and other standouts like sharpshooter Kyle McAlarney and Troy Jackson this team is struggling during the most important part of the season.

The Irish are on a 6 game losing streak. But to be fair, their schedule has been one of the hardest in the nation. During the losing streak, they have lost to numerous ranked teams such as Uconn, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Louisville, and Syracuse. The other loss came most recently against Big East rival Cincinnati.

I'm not making excuses for their recent poor play because good teams are supposed to beat other good teams, and they have not been doing that. But this team is still a threat. Once they get going again, they should be an elite team. Their record is an example of just how talented the teams in the Big East are. They currently have 4 teams in the top 10, including the #1 team, Uconn. So don't forget about the Irish, because this team has the ability to compete with anybody. People need to start realizing that the ACC is not the best conference in college hoops and for the past few years it has been the Big East.

If you're interested in watching some of these teams in action, Seton Hall plays St. Johns at the Prudential Center tonight. The game is on ESPN2 at 9:00. Players to watch are Jeremy Hazell for SHU, the second leading scorer in the Big East behind Harangody, and Paris Horne for the Red Storm who is averaging over 16ppg. The Big East is so fun to watch because any team is capable of beating another team on any given night.

Lebron...Or Kobe...

Lebron James... or Kobe Bryant. I do not even watch the NBA, but after seeing what the two just did back to back games at the Garden, I do not know who the best player in the league is at this point in time.

Let us take a look at Kobe. 61 points: the highest mark in the Garden ever put up by a player, both home and visiting. The league's reigning MVP will go down as one of the best players to ever play this game. Kobe's 61 came at the perfect time. Laker's center Andrew Bynum went down with a torn MCL and will be out 8-12 weeks. Kobe is the NBA's third leading scorer behind "The King" himself, and Miami's Dwyane Wade. Kobe has proved himself many years ago to the world. He, along with James won a gold medal in the summer Olympics.

Lebron aka The King aka The Chosen One. What else is there to say. Coming out of High School, he was the most talked about, and recruited player. He had NBA talent in 11th grade. And he wasted no time. Let's flash forward to Wednesday night: 52 points 11 assists 10 rebounds. One word: ANIMAL. Lebron saw what Kobe did, and said to him self... where were the assists, and no rebounds? He laughed and said Kobe, step your team game up. Lebron is making a case for MVP. He wants it: he won't say it to anyone, but deep inside, he wants it. He wants that title of MVP, and all that hoisted that trophy. He too will go down as one of the best, if not, the best.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bynum Done.... Or Is He?

Los Angeles Lakers' center Andrew Bynum fell to the ground holding his knee just the way he did last year around this time. As Kobe Bryant drove in the lane, Bynum went to the net, but going for the rebound, Kobe landed on his leg, eventually send Bynum to the ground.

The diagnosis Monday was a relief to Bynum, who initially feared he might be out for the season.
"It's better news than I expected to hear because of the shot that I took," Bynum said before the Lakers played at the Knicks on Monday night.

Bynum hopes his comeback occurs closer to the eight-week mark, which would give him about 10 games to prepare for the postseason. Twelve weeks would mean the playoffs had already started.

Bynum is the Lakers' third-leading scorer and second-leading rebounder, averaging 14.0 points, 8.2 rebounds and 1.9 blocks.
The 7-foot, 285-pound Bynum's injury brought back bad memories of last season for the Lakers.

If Bynum doesn't come back and produce, say goodbye to the Lakers' chance of winning a championship. They needed a dominant center in the finals last year to take care of business down low, but that did not happen.

It's Pro Bowl Time! Get Excited!

Now that the Super Bowl is over, we need a reason, any reason to watch the Pro Bowl before football goes away until the draft. The Super Bowl was absolutely awesome this year and the Pro Bowl never is. So why watch? Well we never do. No one does. The top cheerleaders of each team is possibly the only one I can think of. Check out the representatives individually. Come to think of it, I still won't watch, but cheerleaders is still good reading.


Marlina (SD)

Ashley (HOU)

Rachel (TB)


Valerie (STL) -- Worst ever?

Ryann (NYJ)

Catherine (KC)
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