Monday, February 9, 2009

Top 10 Athletes: According to Vineesh

Today in sports, there are so many stand out athletes that are out to make a name for them selves, and not to live in shadows of other stars that once were in their shoes. Recently, I have been thinking about my favorite professional athletes, and those that are most dominant in their sports. Some of these athletes are known all around the world, and others are under the radar. None the less, these athletes play the game hard, and are well respected for what they do. Here are my top 10 athletes of today:

10) Albert Pujols-the most consistant hitter in baseball over the past 5 years
9) Larry Fitzgerald- best reciever in the NFL, at this point in time
8) Alexander Ovechkin- most overlooked young athlete in the world
7) Usain Bolt- fastest man ever
6) Rafeal Nadal- the changing ofthe guards became official in my eyes at the Ausie Open
5) Cristiano Ronaldo- footballer of the year
4) LeBron James-52, 9, 11 at the garden...
3) Tiger Woods- though injured, he will in 4 majors this year
2) Micheal Phelps- knows how to win, and party with college kids
1) Kobe Bryant-KOBE

1 comment:

  1. I didn't know you had a blog Vineesh. Pretty cool, I have a similar layout in my blog:

    As for the top 10, Tiger Woods has to be #1. He wins majors without healthy legs. He's also about to win the Accenture match play tournament.


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