Saturday, February 7, 2009

The MLB is @#$%ed

Since it's the front page of every sports website, I'm sure you've heard. A-Rod allegedly tested positive for steriods back in 2003. Blah, blah, blah. I'm past the point where I'm angry at steroid guys. Now it's just depressing. As much as I hate A-Rod, he was supposed to be baseball's clean record holder. A-Rod is going to have immortal records if he stays healthy and the mlb was relying on him to be hope in the steroid era. He was an immensely talented young kid in Seattle, turned superstar who feld to Texas, turned weirdo who has trouble handling the NY pressures. Now this.

This sucks. I was a huge A-Rod fan back in the day and have absolutely hated him recently. But I never would have wished for this because it is setting baseball back into the steroid stone age. If it comes out that Griffey was a steroid user, it will ruin my childhood and I'll probably be done with baseball forever.


  1. i dont think arod did it. there were 104 players that tested positive but arod was the only named mentioned. anyone could have made that up. someone could have easily just said that griffey was on the list too. arods numbers in 01-02 were better then 03-04, the seasons after he allegedy took roids. arod has always put up great numbers, there hasnt been much of a change in production since 2003. lets wait till more info comes out until we can say for sure that he did.

  2. Sorry, Matty, there is no Santa Claus. Seems that you, like me, want to believe in happily ever after, but unfortunately, it's not to be and it's rarely ever that black and white. I am glad he came out and said what he did. And truthfully, I can accept that - IF it stopped in '04 like he claimed. He was young, under tremendous pressure to be the best and it seemed, I'm sure, like everyone was doing it. I agree with Mike - it's depressing. :-(

  3. agreed. he did the right thing in being honest. it sucks but i think other big names will be released soon too

  4. Only reason he came out and ADMITTED IT, (I love that, he admitted it. He was backed into a corner, he had no choice) was that his PR team sat with him and tried to save his legacy and bank account from taking any more hits. He is as insincere and unlikeable as any athlete I have ever seen. Fans and teammates both see thru him, he is the anti Jeter. Phony, fraud, liar, call it what you want, but the Post had it best on Monday A_HOLE.


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