Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Biggest Losers

In all of this Favre nonsense the real losers haven't even been spoken of yet. And those are, in order:
  1. The General Public -- After weeks of nonstop Favre coverage, I am angry that I am even writing about the subject. A new record has been set on ESPN, where Favre dominated atleast 20 minutes of every Sportscenter for over 17 straight days. This streak is still rolling and expected to continue for years.

  2. Favre's Family -- What happened to retiring to be with your family? This is the least covered aspect of the entire disaster. Family, Kids, Wife, is all he talked about and then all of a sudden, he strands them back at home again like dead-beat step-dad. I have to assume that this will be the subject of Outside The Lines next week.

  3. Chad Pennington -- Absolutely useless to begin with. Now, he's useless and pointless to keep on the roster. Sadly for him, you can't make the roster on boyhood charm alone.

  4. Brett Ratliff/Erik Ainge -- These back-ups are both moved even farther back into the depths of the Medowlands. With the crap heap of Pennington and Kellen Clemens in front of them, playing time was almost guarenteed. Now they're looking up at one of the most durable players in sports history. Sucks.

  5. Kellen Clemens -- Having to beat out Pennington for the job was easier than being Brett Favre's back-up all those years. Lucky for him, he'll get to appreciate how easy that is.

  6. Jets Fans -- They actually believe that they're going to win something. Aww, it's actually kind of cute, just let them have fun until the season starts.

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