Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rumbles From The.. Jungles?

It's time to empty some more thougths into the blog. I don't think any are real posts so here's, as usual, everything I've got currently:
  • ESPN is reporting that Lebron would consider a $50 Million Euro deal if it was ever put on the table. While I don't think it will happen, this would be a devastating blow to the NBA. They can downplay it all they want, but if a MEGAstar like Lebron fled for the big euro money, the NBA would lose its luster, very, very quickly. Global icon here he comes?
  • NCAA Football Champion Prediction: Georgia. Not balsy by any means, but they are going to be awesome. Matt Stafford seems to be a supremely talented QB and Knowshon Moreno (?) is a stud. Not to mention the lock-down defense they play.
  • Golf sucks without Tiger.
  • Nascar always sucks.
  • Is anyone suprised by the Joba Chamblerlain injury? I'm certainly not.
  • Good for the Packers. Tell Favre to shove it and move on. Oh wait, they're wallowing and balking constantly, without solving this dilapitating problem? Nevermind then.
  • Shaun Andrews of the Eagles, Pro-Bowl OL, has been absent because of a newly released case of depression. Nothing is ever simple with the Eagles. Ever. When are theygoing to decide which of their 3 CBs is going to play? Will everyone follow McNabb? Why don't they pay Westbrook?
  • I can't help but feel the Red Sox don't have enough to get the rings again. David Ortiz just hasn't been himself, probably only because of his injury, but nonetheless it is hurting the team.
  • Did everyone forget the Chad Johnson nonsense we heard all offseason? Suddenly, acting like a child is all forgiven once camp starts? I thought he was holding out? Hold on, he's a professional, he isn't held accountable for what he says.
  • The Phillies need to seperate with John Maine and Billy Wagner on the DL for the Mets for the time being.
  • I hate Giambi. Giambi grows mustache. I like Giambi. Giambi shaves mustache. I hate Giambi.

There it is. I'm now out of thoughts.

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