Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fads of the 80s

Chia pets, parachute pants, permed hair, and Atari. These are just a few useful items we owe to the 1980s. But as outrageous as some of those fads were, nothing can compare to my favorite trend of the 80s. Music videos made by professional sports teams.

The infamous "super bowl shuffle" gets all of the attention, but while surfing youtube a few months ago, I stumbled across some real gems. The Miami Dolphins produced "Can't Touch Us", an absolutely terrible video that doesn't actually feature any real players. After watching this video, I am thoroughly convinced that everyone in the video is on cocaine. Another classic, is the 1985 Seattle Seahawks Locker Room Rock. This song features actually players, and their singing is brutal.

My absolute favorite comes from The L.A. Rams, with a video entitled Ram It. And yes, the video is just as sexually suggestive as the title. I can't help but feel bad for #21 "Hollywood Hanson" who may be the worst dancer on the planet. And I'm pretty bad.

I really don't know what these teams were thinking, but its fun to look back at them and laugh. Take some time to watch these videos. They won't disappoint.

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