Thursday, July 24, 2008

Second Half Predictions

As a Mets fan, the 2007 season was a painful reminder that nothing is certain until all 162 games have been played. One thing is certain however. The first half of the 2008 season was full of surprises. So far we’ve seen the emergence of potential superstars Evan Longoria, Ryan Ludwick, Edinson Volquez, Ervin Santana, and most notably Josh Hamilton. The Tampa Bay Rays are finally a legitimate contender, Chipper Jones has flirted with .400, and Rich Harden and C.C. Sabbathia both found new homes in the national league. With the trade deadline approaching, and tight races in nearly every division, the second half of the season should be exciting. With roughly 100 games in the books, there’s still plenty of baseball left to be played. Here’s how I see it playing out.

Final Standings

National League

East: Mets
No doubt I’m being biased here, but the resurgence of Carlos Delgado, and a potential emerging ace in Mike Pelfrey make it justifiable. Jose Reyes is the key to the rest of the season.

Central: Cubs
Undoubtedly the best team in the national league, the Cubs are loaded with talent and primed to make a World Series run. The acquisition of Rich Harden puts the Cubs over the top, unless his arm falls off.

West: D’Backs
Easily the worst division in baseball, this is still up in the air. The entire division is loaded with young talent, but nobody wants to step up and take it. The D’backs are by far the best team in the division, but the Dodgers are very dangerous. And don't sleep on the Rockies

Wild Card: Phillies
They will be in a tight race with Milwaukee, and the Mets for the East. However, their lineup is dynamite, and once Chase Utley returns to form watch out. If only they had better starting pitching

American League

East: Boston
The defending champs are an offensive juggernaut, and have the best team batting average in all of baseball (.280) . With Big Papi coming back, I see the Red Sox running away with the division.

Central: Minnesota
The Twins have been quite a surprise after parting ways with Johan Santana. Mark my words, Fransisco Liriano will return to the majors soon and dominate once again

West: Angels
This one isn’t even close. Billy Beane is half the reason for that.

Wild Card: Rays
Everyone loves an underdog, and the Rays are the feel good team of the year. But theres more to this story than the Rays being an underdog. They are a solid team, composed of players that really care about winning. Thats a rarity in todays game. The Rays strength is pitching, and their starters need to maintain their current pace, considering that Akinorni Iwamura leads the team with a .277 average.

World Series: Boston over Chicago in 6
It hurts me to write this, because I’d rather make a bolder prediction. But its tough to bet against them


Albert Pujols

Runner up: Jose Reyes, Chase Utley, Hanley Ramirez, Brad Lidge


Josh Hamilton

Runner up: Fransisco Rodriguez, Evan Longoria, Ian Kinsler, Grady Siezmore

NL Cy Young

Tim Lincecum

Runner up: Edinson Volquez, Jake Peavy

AL Cy Young


Runner up: Cliff Lee, Justin Duchsherer, Roy Halladay

Random Thoughts:

-The Marlins will fade
-Chipper Jones battles through injuries and slumps, but still finishes at a respectable .355
-Mark Texiera stays put
-Josh Hamilton ends the season around .320/35/165
-David Price gets the call in September and is lights out
-The trade deadline will pass without any major blockbusters
-What are the A’s doing?
-I'd be perfectly happy if I never heard the words "Bonds" or "Clemens" ever again

Again these are just predictions, and the vast majority of them are based on gut feelings. I can’t wait to look back on these and laugh at myself. All I can really hope is that my prediction in the NL East is correct, otherwise I may have to go into hiding for a while.


  1. Mets! All Right! Three Mikes like the Mets! All Right!

  2. Wow! Finally, a blog that i can relate to! It's like you guys are just a couple of cool dudes like me, but love to write about sports! AWESOME COMBO! great job guys keep it up :)

  3. Man its like i think it, and you write it! NICE POST!

  4. the mets? your a fucking idiot. go jump off a bridge


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