Sunday, July 27, 2008

What is Brett Favre worth?

According to earlier reports from the Tampa Tribune and Rotoworld:

"it is believed" that the Packers and Bucs were close to agreeing on compensation in a trade that would've sent Brett Favre to Tampa Bay on Saturday. The Tribune suggests that renewed talks Sunday may have been why Favre and Green Bay are at a standstill. In addition, beat reporter Roy Cummings says "it is believed" that the Jets are not bidding for Favre's services. The Packers are thought to be holding out for a conditional draft pick that could escalate to a first-rounder if Favre plays a certain amount of games.

If these reports are in fact true, I find it completely ridiculous that the Packers would have such a high asking price. Yes, I understand everything that Brett brings to the table, and I truly believe he is an excellent fit in Tampa Bay, but the Pack simply have no leverage in this case.

To me, its pretty clear that the Packers do not want to bring Favre back, based on the resounding support of Aaron Rodgers within the organization. And they have every right to feel that way. Rodgers is a very promising player, and its time to move on. However, the fact that Favre is not likely to be the Packers QB to start the season lowers his value significantly. There is also the chance that Favre never reports to camp, or decides to re-retire. This is a real concern to many teams, which should also lower his value. They are being stubborn in not granting his release, and they need to save face and avoid all-out media mayhem by trading him. Preferably out of the conference, but at least out of the division.

So what is Favre worth? I definitely think its fair to ask for a conditional pick that could escalate, but it should be a 4th/5th rounder that could escalate to at most a 2nd rounder if he meets certain performance bonuses. The packers could also seek a player, such as disgruntled QB Chris Simms.

The longer this whole saga drags on, the more of a distraction this creates for the Packers. They should cut there losses and trade Favre to the highest bidder. This would gave a huge vote of confidence to Aaron Rodgers, and get rid of the media circus that surrounds Packers camp.

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