Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fantasy football magazines

Due to the enormous amount of money I invest in fantasy football each year, preparation is always key. Fantasy football magazines can often be expensive (as much as $10), so making the right choice is very important. The other day I took a trip out to Barnes and Noble (I didn't think I'd ever openly admit that), and scanned through countless magazines. There is a wide variety of magazines, and most of them have similar content. However, in my search 2 magazines really stood out: Fantasy Football Weekly ($8)

One of the best fantasy magazines I've ever purchased, it features comprehensive rankings, auction/draft strategies, mock drafts, player profiles, sleepers, and busts. But perhaps the best feature is that it is very user friendly and easy to read. It is visually appealing and so easy to follow. Well worth the $8. Great work guys.

SportingNews Fantasy Football Preview ($8)

A little more simplistic, this magazine features just as much great content as the fanball magazine. The only downside is that the player profiles are listed alphabetically which makes it a little difficult to follow. Overall, it is an outstanding magazine, which provides some of the deepest rankings I've ever seen.

I strongly endorse both of these magazines. For me, its less about the actual rankings which I prefer to do on my own, and more about the organization of information. In the end I couldn't choose between the two, so I purchased both. I'm hoping for a repeat of 2007 where I won all three of the leagues I participated in. Of course, having Brady in every single league and Moss in 2 certainly helped.

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