Saturday, July 26, 2008

Team Building Activity

I've been reading some about who the best players in baseball are to build a team around. Neyer and Sports Illustrated both have pieces and here's my take on the topic based on building your franchise for the next 5 years starting next year:

1. Felix Hernandez - The talent is ridiculous and he is easily the top pitcher here. Only 21. Dominant already and only improving.
2. Hanley Ramirez - He's all-around terrific and very young (a theme of most of the list).
3. David Wright - There isn't much he doesn't do well and he's a great face for your franchise.
4. Grady Sizemore - He's a catalyst and a superstar just entering his prime.
5. Alex Rodriguez - If anybody can produce well into his 30s A-Rod is the guy.
6. Chase Utley - Playing 2B and being as consistent and productive as he is, is rare enough to get him in the top 10.
7a-b. Tim Lincecum/Cole Hamels - Can't go wrong with either of these aces, especially at their ages. Lincecum is A to Hamels B, only because of Hamels injured past.
9. Evan Longoria - Undeniable talent already produced great numbers a rookie.
10. Josh Hamilton - Now that he has his life together, everything is falling into place for him.
11. Ryan Braun - His defense keeps him from moving any higher, but the power is incredible.
12. Joe Mauer - His only problem is whether or not he can stay a catcher for all of that time.

Notable Omissions: Pujols (is he really 28?), Miguel Cabrera (he might eat himself out of the league), Santana (diminished stuff hurts him), Anybody Else (it's my list, screw everybody else)

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