Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Opening Day...More Than Half Way Through the Season

Welcome to Cheap Seats. This is the first post to start off the blog about, whatever we feel like writing about, although mostly sports. If anyone can write anything they want about sports, well then, we should fit right in. Theres a good chance that no one ever reads it, but that's beside the point. Having a blog will probably result in nothing more than wasted words and constant harrassment from friends, but it should be fun along the way.

Who knows whether or not there will be daily, weekly, or monthly posts, but hopefully anyone who reads will stick around for a little while and enjoy the grumbling, rambling, mumbling, and arguing that will go on. This is two friends, writing about sports for the hell of it and it will probably be much more fun for us than anyone else. However, if you like sports with a little (attempted) humor, then this is a great place to waste some time.

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