Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nonsense Rumor: Favre to Jets?

According to a friend, The New York Jets just waived Punter Joe Smith. Why do I or you or any one care? Because said Punter wore uniform number 4.

I did some research and apparently there is an un-retired QB who wears no. 4 who may be on the trade block.

This is probably inconsequential and possibly, Joe Smith still has a job and I received poor information. Also possible, you heard it here first. So there. Take that Chris Mortensen.

1 comment:

  1. I am so embarassed for Brett Favre. I'd rather see Mike Schmidt drooling all over the microphones again than to see Favre making such an ass of himself with his un-retirement. And prior to this debacle I thought it was the most laughable sports moment of all time. At least Schmidt was smart enough to know when enough was enough. Say it ain't so Brett. And as far as the Jets picking him up ... just say no. The Jets answer to the hanging chad is not bumbling Brett.


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