Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mind Dump

I've got too many things to say, but nothing worth it's own post, so here's all of it:
  • All kinds of Manny drama after his time off and rumors that Boston is done with him. They've always known he's selfish and brainless, but he's one of the best hitters in the game so they looked the other way. It's tough to get on your high horse now after years of excuses for him. If I'm an opposing GM, I try to steal him now and ride everything he's got left because he still mashes.

  • It's great to see the Phillies so active this year. I like the Blanton trade because he fills a big need and they don't have any worthwhile prospects, so who cares what they give up? They're losing out a lot, recently on Casey Blake, because of this lack of quality, but i can see them making atleast one more move before it's over.

  • I hate to see the Yankees making good deals, because I hate the yankees. But you've got to give it to them here. Probably a post on vets for prospects deals coming soon.

  • Did you see the pimp job Ryan Braun gave a few nights ago? The ball only cleared by 10 feet and it was a clutch homer but come on, just run around the bases and act like you've done it before.

  • Chase Utley is a disaster right now, hopefully he rights the ship soon. He's obviously pressing and he's bound to come out of it but it's painful to watch right now.

  • Olympics are coming up. I don't care though.

  • This Brett Favre situation is getting ridiculous. Why can't he ride off into the sunset and be done with it? Plus, he's ruining what would be a great Aaron Rogers season, i think we're all going to see the guy can really play.

  • I'm on the fence about Jerry Manuel. I just can't figure him out.

  • I won't be surprised if the Eagles contend for the Super Bowl or if they lose 9 games and the team is in complete disarray.

  • Anybody else think the Carter 3 was good but could definitely be better?

  • Brett Myers might just need a fresh start. He's tired of starting despite the good of the team, so it might be time to part ways. Maybe we can find another team with a disgruntled starter and trade trash.

  • MLB would definitely benefit from Mark Cuban. It's a shame that nobody running things has figured that out yet. Look what he's done with the Mavs. Why wouldn't that be good for baseball?

  • Madden 09 looks really good, as opposed to the downers we've gotten in recent years. The people need Madden to be great. Right now, NBA 2k and NHL0- are the best sports games out.

  • World Series prediction? -- Angels over Brewers in 6. Why? Because of quality starters and more importantly, anything could happen so why not take a shot at looking smart?

  • More guessing -- Johan wins a Cy Young. Sabathia gets screwed out of one.

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