Monday, November 17, 2008

Anquan Boldin Redefines Masculinity

As you almost certainly saw, during the Week 5 Jets-Cardinals matchup, Anquan Boldin was pulverized during garbage time of the Jets blowout victory. Boldin lept between two defenders and was sandwiched and exactly the wrong time from exactly the wrong angle. Long story short, Jets Safety Eric Smith delievered a devastating accidental blow to Boldin's head. For minutes, Anquan laid motionless on the turf, until he was eventually carted off the field and taken out via ambulance. And to make matters worse, he never gave the pattened injured athlete wave or thumbs up.

In the ensuing day, rumors circulated that he was okay and wanted to get up soon after we was out, but the doctors denied him and others that he was dead. This was a horrific accident to say the least and made worse by the fact that it was during a meaningless point in a blowout loss.

After seeing the doctors, Boldin had facial reconstructive surgery later in the week. Apparently, they had to lift the dangling skin on his face to insert the 9 plates that are in his face! How do you play professional football with metal plates in your face? Boldin sat out the next two weeks, to no one's surprise. Then, a mere three weeks later, he started and caught nine passes and two touchdowns at Carolina! Followed that with 6 catches and a TD in St. Louis, then 7 catches and two TD's in San Fran! Then this week in Seattle, he explodes for over 180 and dominates again!

Mind you, this is the same receiver who is paid 4 times less than his fellow WR Larry Fitzgerald and management in Arizona is hesistant to give him the contract that he is so obviously worth. Boldin was a fantastic receiver who willingly went across the middle and took beating after beating. That was before he had his face rearranged! And only 20 days later, he's cruising through the middle and punishing defenders everywhere. If Boldin isn't rewarded with a massive market-value contract than everyone in Arizona should be fined, fired, or beaten for their indecency and inadequacy.

Another thing to think about, as discussed by ESPN's The Sports Guy, how many other players would have recovered, not to mention returning to form and dominating so soon after? Not enough can be said about the toughness and determination of Anquan Boldin. I play hurt in sports all the time, but with little aches and sprains. If my face was dripping off my head, I would most assuredly be lounging at home, complaining. This is why it isn't at all surprising to see the "captain's C" on Boldin's jersey.


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