Friday, November 14, 2008

Michael Crabtree: A Man Among Boys

I have a new man crush, and his name is Michael Crabtree. After a phenomenal redshirt freshman campaign (134 receptions 1,962 yards 22 TDs), Crabtree has brought his game to a whole new level in 2008. The 6'-3'' 215 lb reciever is averaging exactly 2 TDs per game, and has scored in every single game this season. He is is a consistent, certified stud.

When I watch Crabtree, the first thing that comes to my mind is Andre Johnson. He has all the tools to succeed at the next level: size, speed, intelligence, and athleticism. You name it, hes got it. He is a complete player, destined for NFL stardom. In my opinion, Crabtree should be in the running for the Heisman, right alongside his counterpart Graham Harrell. If Crabtree declares for the 2009 draft, he will almost certainly be a top 5 pick, and depending upon which holds that pick, he may very well go #1 overall.

Heres a closer look at Michael Crabtree's 2008 season by the numbers:

1,010 Yards
78 Receptions
18 Touchdowns
7 Games with 8 receptions or more
6 Multi-touchdown games
1 Miracle game winning catch


  1. I believe that you are a flaming homosexual. First Tom Brady, then Cadillac, now Crabtree. I mean seriously! When are you going to start pitching a tent over Jeff Garcia again? Matt, whoever you are, I think you are a damn fool. Please stop filling the internet with your bs about Crabtree, Drexel, and your pointless input about baseball. Its all crap! Go Reds!

  2. haha i hope this is actually an anonymous person, not someone we know being a dick.


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