Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week 11 Power Rankings

1. Giants (9-1) - It’s pretty hard to not put Tennessee #1, but is there a more balanced team in the NFL? Championship football teams run the ball and play strong defense. The Giants do both with ease.

2. Titans (10-0)- I really like Tennessee, so I hate to use the “who have they played?” card, but they have only beat one team with a winning record (Indianapolis).

3. Steelers (7-3) – Will the real Ben Roethlisberger please stand up? If Big Ben can figure out a way to protect the football, the Steelers will be dangerous come January.

4. Buccaneers (7-3)- This may come as a shock to some people, but the Buccaneers offense is ranked 9th in the NFL. So why are they only averaging 21.9 ppg? The Bucs rank last in redzone offense.

5. Panthers (7-3) - Two straight pathetic performances by Jake Delhomme. The Panthers are entering a very tough stretch of games. I wouldn’t be shocked if they missed the playoffs.

6. Jets (7-3)- As long as you have Brett Favre behind center, your team is pretty damn good.

7. Cardinals (7-3)- No matter how the rest of the season plays out, its clear that Kurt Warner belongs in the hall of fame.

8. Colts (6-4) - Their week 10 victory over Pittsburgh may have saved their season, but I’m still not sold on the Colts. We’ll see how well Peyton Manning’s knee holds up down the stretch.

9. Cowboys (6-4) - I firmly believe that Tony Romo is the best quarterback in the NFL. If he can shake off the rust, the Cowboys may have a shot to win their first playoff game since 1996.

10. Redskins (6-4)- After nearly setting an NFL record for consecutive attempts without an interception, Jason Campbell has thrown at least 1 INT in back to back weeks.

11. Patriots (6-4) - I’m gonna go on record and say this. The Patriots WILL NOT make the playoffs.

12. Broncos (6-4) - The colder the weather gets, the more dangerous Denver becomes.

13. Ravens (6-4)- The Ravens backfield confuses me. One week its McGahee, then its Ray Rice, then its LeRon McClain. They need more consistency if they want to make the playoffs.

14. Falcons (6-4)- Thank you Matt Ryan, for slamming the door shut on the Mike Vick era.

15. Dolphins (6-4) - I really like the Dolphins. They are unconventional, and creative. Between the wildcat, exotic blitz packages, and Chad Pennington, the Dolphins are not your average team. But they make it work.

16. Packers (5-5) - That was a statement victory. The NFC North is wide open, and I like the Pack.

17. Eagles (5-4-1) - Mark my words, Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb will not return in 2009.

18. Bills (5-5) - That brought back flashbacks to Scot Norwood’s wide right. I feel for Bills fans.

19. Saints (5-5)- The Saints are a great team in Madden, but that’s about it.

20. Bears (5-5) - What the hell was that? Forget the quarterback issues, I think the biggest problem is the head coach

21. Vikings (5-5) - I got a chance to watch a full game of Adrian Peterson for the first time and Sunday, and this kid is the real deal. He has the best moves I’ve seen since Barry Sanders. But similar to those old Lions teams, he doesn’t have much of a supporting cast.

22. Chargers (4-6) - How many more times chances does Norv Turner get to prove he's not a head coach. Also, with stars all over the field, is it simply underachieving and inconsistency or is time to move the team in another personnel direction?

23. Jaguars (4-6) - I firmly believe that the Jaguars are far better than their record shows, but the biggest problem for Jacksonville is surprisingly their defense. The Jaguars have the 23rd ranked offense, and the 18th ranked defense. That makes winning difficult.

24. Browns (4-6) - Brady Quinn is going to be a stud. But Braylon Edwards needs to remember how to catch the ball again for this offense to be prolific.

25. 49ers (3-7) - You gotta give Mike Singletary credit. If nothing else, he has injected passion into the organization.

26. Texans (3-7) - Two of my favorite players in the NFL: Andre Johnson and Steve Slaton. Its unfortunate that Houston is holding them hostage.

27. Seahawks (2-8) - They finally get Matt Hasselbeck healthy, and he plays one of the worst games of his career. This team is a mess.

28. Chiefs (2-8) - Tyler Thigpen gives Chiefs fans a reason for hope. I think this kid is gonna be a star

29. Bengals (1-8-1) - Good effort against a struggling Eagles team, but how painful was it to lose like that?

30. Rams (1-9) - At first I thought Jim Haslett was going to keep this job in 2009. Now I’m not so sure.

31. Raiders (2-8) - Is it too early to call JaMarcus Russell a bust? I say no. One thing is clear Al, the problem was not Lane Kiffin.

32. Lions (0-10) - I really feel for Rod Marinelli, because I think he has a good career ahead of him. But this Lions team will make history and go 0-16.


  1. i hope you don't mind, i fixed the technical problem the post had and added the 22nd team which was missing.

    Also, the Dac Pac win today was a fluke!

  2. Haha my bad on that. But you're now 0-2 in the 4 year series. At best you can split


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