Wednesday, November 19, 2008


For the past few weeks, Boomer and the boys on ESPN have been doing a segment titled, "Come on Man!". During the piece they pick out something that a player did or said and call them out on it. At the end of their talk they all let out a loud "come on man!". For example one week Keyshaun Johnson called out one of Tampa Bay's kick returners for getting jacked up by the Cowboys kicker on a return. Immediately I fell in love with this piece and want to briefly point out something that a player said this weekend that I couldn't believe. That is Philadelphia Eagles' QB Donovan McNabb admitting that he didn't know there were ties in football.

Donovan, you've been in the league for about 10 years now. You get paid millions of dollars, much of which you don't even deserve. Then you go into Cincinnati with your team still in position to make a playoff run, and you play one of the worst games of your career. This horrific play is the reason the game went into OT and the Eagles tied the 1-8 Bengals. This was the first tie in the league in six years. In your post game press conference, you told everyone that you didn't know that there were ties in football and you thought the game would continue into a second OT. For a veteran QB in the NFL to not know a rule like that is embarrassing. You were even in the league in 2002 when the last tie happened, you should know this rule. Even me, a person who never played a down of competitive football knew that rule. I can't believe you actually didn't know that rule. For years I've been calling you the most overratted athlete in sports, and every biased Eagles fan was quick to defend you. After seeing that you're not a good QB and seeing your attitude and relationship has changed with Philadelphia over the past few years, I probably should have expected something like this out of you. I mean, you do play in Philly right? Take some time to read the rulebook this week so something like this doesn't occur this Sunday...... COME ON MAN!!!


  1. lol that is as good of a blog pic as i've seen. you couldn't have picked a better McNabb photo for the theme of that post.

  2. C'mon man was stolen from Ed Lover's C'mon Son segment. Just google it and see for your self.


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