Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just A Quick Note About Rutgers Football

My people, Rutgers Football is back like cooked crack. Their dominate 49-16 win over South Florida today pushed their record to .500 at 5-5. They are also now 4-2 in conference play and fourth overall in the Big East.

Lets compare to the other bloggers and see how there schools are doing this football season
University of Pennsylvania : 5-4 (4-2 in Ivy League Play).
Drexel University - 0-0 (do not exist)
Seton Hall University - 0-0 (do not exist)

Well by the looks of things, it seems I have the advantage and am able to talk the most trash when it comes to my teams football season.

small note to keep in the back of your minds
Michael Crabtree - 78 rec. 1010 yds. 18 tds. 12.9 yds/rec
Kenny Britt - 68 rec. 994 yds. 5 tds. 14.6 yds/rec
pretty close right?


  1. In case you weren't aware, Drexel football has been undefeated since 1974.

    And how dare you compare Kenny Britt and Michael Crabtree? Blasphemy! Crabtree may be one of the best receivers to ever play at the collegiate level. Britt is pretty good but he plays in a weak conference.

  2. And for the record, you made 2 spelling errors that I had to correct...its "their" not "there". I guess that's what you get with a Rutgers education

  3. you just laid the smackdown on me. and im sorry about the spelling errors its not my fault, i was on the phone with matt o while typing it and he distracted me. blame ondrejack.

  4. haha no hard mets fans need to stick together in these tough times.

    but dont compare kenny britt to michael crabtree ever again

  5. lol how cute, a big Drexel-Rutgers battle.

  6. h/o pretty close right?!?! lol how about 13 TDs different! How about BIG 12 vs. Big East lol


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