Friday, November 14, 2008

Thank Heaven, It's a 7-11

For the past 10 years or so, many residents in the Kendall Park area have been going to the convenience store known as "Circle K", on the corner of Beekman Road and Route 27. Circle K has also been called "K" and "Kwik Farms" and has a reputation for having less than quality goods, rude and arrogant employees, and a late night mischief spot for teenagers. Many residents to go grab a quick gallon of milk, loaf of bread, lottery tickets, or a cup of coffee on the way to work. It recently was announced that the Circle K was being taken over and becoming a 7-11. As of today, November 13, I am happy to say the renovations are almost complete and the sign is hanging high above the building. My words can not express the meaning of how potentially clutch this can be for Kendall Park. Finally, a reliable convenience store that the people can trust, with a wide variety of low priced items.

A solid convenience store is something that could possibly bring a community together. We've all see what the WaWa in Dayton has done. For years now it has been a place where people can satisfy their hunger or thirst, grab some cash out of an ATM, and most importantly where you can run into friends from the past and catch up on things. I feel like 7-11, the most well known convenience store in the United States can do just that for Kendall Park.
A 19 year old local, and 15 year resident of Timber Ponds in Kendall Park, Vineesh Manchanda sounds off on the arrival of 7-11.

"I am ecstatic. I've been a fan of 7-11 ever since I saw Appo run his own "7-11." Their slurpies are the bomb, and I cant wait to spend my summer nights hanging out there"

Here are some little known facts about 7-11 that people may or may not know.

1. 7-Eleven is the premier name and largest chain in the convenience retailing industry. Based in Dallas, Texas, 7-Eleven, Inc., operates, franchises and licenses more than 7,500 stores in North America.
2. 7-Eleven operates in 14 countries.
3. California has more 7-Eleven stores than any other state – about 1,200.
4. 7-Eleven sell the most hot dogs in Washington, D.C., coffee on Long Island, nachos in Colorado; and Big Gulp® drinks in sunny Southern California.
5. 7-Eleven gives out free slurpies to everyone on July 11. (Its official birthday)

As you can see, 7-11 has been a popular and consistent place for people all over not only the nation, but the globe. Maybe now you can see why I am hyping up this new addition to Kendall Park. Having this be about a one minute drive from my house, I will utilize it to the fullest. I hope that this has the impact on people that I know it can have. So readers, if you're trying to get to me and aren't sure of where I am, check the 7-11, there is a 90% chance of me being there. God bless 7-Eleven.


  1. 40 years ago, it WAS a 7-11 - it's at least that old. And it was an attractive nuisance to youth even then, trust me on that point. After that, it was a Somerset Farms and then a Cumberland Farms, as best as I can recall. Can't imagine what it is you think is substandard about the current store and owners, they've always seemed very nice to me and their products are about what you would expect from a generic quickie mart - not up to WaWa standards but far better than some.

  2. d'oh! sorry - you said beekman and 27, I was thinking the one on alston and 27 closer in to the KP shopping center. the circle K is a relatively recent store, not the 7-11 of my yout'.

  3. phew, for a second, i thought Matt O wasn't up on his KP knowledge. Thank you for clearing all of this up. You are now the website's Zinsmeister. Our historian on all things SB.

  4. 7-11 is a joke compared to Wawa. You are guaranteed to be dissapointed

  5. ahah don't I know it. WaWa is the shit. i'm never on that side of town anyway, so screw it.

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