Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vote for the Redskins

If pro bowl voting ended today, the game would feature 24 Redskins, including 20 starters. Its almost laughable to consider:
  • The entire starting Offensive Line is Redskins
  • The top 3 Outsider Linebackers are Redskins (even though only 2 start for the actual team)
  • 4 out of the top 10 vote getters are Redskins
  • Khary Campbell, Rock Cartwright, Mike Sellers, Kedric Golston, Rocky McIntosh, and Ryan Plackemeir would all appear in their first pro bowl. Some are solid players, but none of them are remotely close to pro bowl caliber
  • The Redskins are a 3rd Place team
I can't even get angry when I read these ridiculous results, because I actually find it funny. I loved it last year when not a single player in the NFC South made the pro bowl, while the Cowboys (who failed to win a playoff game) sent 13 players. Its becoming clear that fan voting in the NFL does not work, and this is the last straw.

But these results gave me a great idea. Do the Washington Redskins a favor and continue to vote for them in record numbers. Lets get the entire roster voted into the pro bowl, and expose the failure of fan voting. How great would it be if the pro bowl was literally the Redskins vs. the AFC? I actually think that would draw higher ratings than last years pro bowl.

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