Thursday, November 27, 2008

Under Utilized, But Under Appreciated?

With Westbrook injured, it is obvious to anyone watching that DeSean Jackson is the best offensive weapon that the Eagles have. Recently, he has been getting plenty of attention as the team struggles to compete for a playoff spot. However, earlier in the season when things were going better, it seemed that DeSean was invisible for drives, quarters, or even games. Through 11 weeks, DeSean is averaging less that 6 touches a game. I understand that he is a rookie and defenses are keying on him, however, how does the best weapon in your offense touch the ball less than 6 times?

Recently, I heard from a friend who works with the Philadelphia Eagles that DeSean has escalating bonuses in his contract if he reaches certain statistical plateaus. And that people in the organization are trying to keep his touches low to avoid paying his contract bonuses. This wouldn't surprise me because the Eagles have routinely been a stingy football organization, always squeezing every penny they can from their players. But, this is a whole different kind of dirty.

Now that the team is struggling, they are working him into the offense much more because it doesn't look like they can keep him hidden and still be successful. DeSean currently has 47 catches, for 699 yards; 13 rushes for 99 yards; and 380 return yards and a TD. It'll be interesting to see if what the repercussions of this are if in fact it is true. You may not be able to tell any time soon, but you know when you will see? When it's time for a new contract in a few years and the Eagles try to low ball again...

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