Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Predictions

With 2008 in the history books, I'm already looking forward to what will happen in the world of sports throughout 2009. In 2008 we saw the biggest upset in NFL history (Giants Superbowl win over the Pats), great records broken (Phelps winning 8 gold in Beijing), and unbelievable athletic performances (Tiger Woods winning the U.S. Open with a broken leg and torn ligament). But I feel that 2009 will also bring tremendous excitement to all sports fans and hope it is better than 2008, even though it will be tough to top. Here are a few of my predictions for 2009.

A few weeks ago I made a prediction and I'm sticking to my guns. In the 2009 Superbowl, the Steelers will defeat the Panthers 21-17. We all know the saying "defense wins championships" and Pittsburgh has the best defense the league has seen in years.

Stanley Cup
I feel that the Detroit Red Wings will win their second straight title in convincing fashion. It will be a tough road to get there because the Western Conference is so competitive, but this Red Wings team is for real. Just ask the Sharks who lost 6-0 to them last time they played. I expect the Boston Bruins to represent the East, but fall short of the Cup.

NBA Championship
The Cleveland Cavilers will top the San Antonio Spurs this year. The Cavs are unbeaten at home and are not far behind Boston's incredible pace. With LeBron having a supporting cast this year, I expect him to have a championship, a league MVP, and a finals MVP by the end of the year. The Spurs always seem to be dangerous in the playoffs and I feel this team has 1 more shot at making a serious run for the title.

World Series
With the Yankees improving so much this off season, it's really hard not to pick them. They won 89 games last year (a down year for them), then they go out and get 2 of the top pitchers in the league and a top 3 position player. Expect them to cruise throughout the regular season and own their 27th World Series title in October 2009. Representing the National League will be the Cubs, but I don't see them ever winning a World Series.

Other Predictions

Michael Vick WILL be playing somewhere in the NFL. Brett Favre WILL NOT.
Lance Armstrong will win another Tour De France.
Barry Bonds will not be in the Majors.
Tiger will win 3 Majors.
Pacman Jones will be forever banned from the NFL.
UNC is cutting down the nets as they win another NCAA basketball championship.
UPENN baseball finishes 2nd in the Ivy League.

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