Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Forgotten Ones

In the NFL, there are the superstar athletes that get all the attention, and the ones that lead their teams to victory. But what about those athletes who do the little things that help those superstar athletes shine? How about all those punters and kickers that help head coaches play this game of field possession? A good punter is just as good as a quality quarterback. Without a punter, the game of possession would be impossible.

So who are these punters and kickers that no one really knows about?...

Brad Maynard- Chicago Bears
Maynard, punter for the Chicago Bears was the king of field possession this year. He averaged 41.2 yards per punt, but the number that stands out most: 40. Maynard had 40 punts that were downed inside the opponents 20 yard line.

Donnie Jones- St. Louis Rams
Jones had a lot on his plate this year. With the Rams going 3 and out many times this year, he had to punt the ball many times. His leg was important to the Rams, and he did not disappoint. He averaged over 50 yards a punt this year, which allowed the Rams to slow their opponents... just a little bit.

John Carney- New York Giants
Carney is a prime kicker in the league and has helped the giants to the number 1 seed in the NFC this year. He has only missed 3 field goals all year. He was filling in for the injured Lawrence Tynes, and did a great job doing so.

Mike Scifres- San Diego Chargers
After what Scifres did in the playoff game against the Colts on Saturday night, I put him as the best punter in the league at the time. With 6 punts all inside the 20, and all above 50 yards, it was ridiculous how he was pinning the Colts with bad field possession all night.

Other forgotten ones:
Matt McBriar- Dallas Cowboys
Shane Lechler- Oakland Raiders
Andy Lee- San Fransisco 49ers
Kris Brown- Houston Texans
Ryan Longwell-Minnesota Vikings

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