Friday, January 30, 2009

More Joe Torre

More and more of Joe Torre's new book "The Yankee Years" have been coming out. We already knew that he criticised A-Rod, Brian Cashman, and Yankee management, but now more names and comments have been released. Other players that Torre spoke out against include Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, Gary Sheffield, David Wells, Carl Pavano (for obvious reasons), and Johnny Damon.

Wells spoke out on a radio show in response to what Torre said about him. In the book, Torre says, "The difference between Kevin Brown and David Wells is that both make your life miserable, but David Wells meant to."

Wells said that Torre favored guys like Jeter, Rivera, Posada, O'Neil, and Pettite, and that if you weren't one of "Joe's Boys" it wasn't fair. Wells also told a story about when Torre fined him for wearing Babe Ruth's hat during a game one. Wells said when Torre asked for the money he threw it at him and told him to go buy some new rims for his beat down car. When asked what Wells would do if he ran into his ex-manager in the next month or so, Wells said that he would probably just laugh at him.

In Johnny Damon's case, during the 2007 season when Damon was suffering from a leg injury, Torre told him that he doesn't have the same attitude he used to have and that he wasn't the player or person he once was. At the end of the private meeting, Damon told Torre that he didn't think he could do it anymore, and was close to retiring after the season.

More of the relationship between Torre and Cashman came out as Torre was furious with Cashman over not bringing back Bernie Williams. Torre wanted him back more than anything but Cashman wanted to move on. I love Bernie Williams, he is one of my favorite players of all time, but I have to take Cashman's side on this one, Bernie was finished and the Yankees needed to bring in better players.

What most people don't know in reference to the A-Rod and his relationship with his teammates is that in the 2007 offseason when A-Rod, Pettite, Rivera, and Posada were all free agents, Pettite, Posada, and Rivera all personally told GM Brian Cashman to sign A-Rod first because the team needed him. So obviously his teammates can not hate him that much if they wanted him to get signed before themselves.

I have been saying for years how much of an idiot Joe Torre is. I hate how people are so quick to defend him. People always said how loyal and classy he was and he didn't deserve to get fired from New York. Well maybe now people notice how much of a problem this guy was. I wonder what the current players on the Los Angeles Dodgers are going to think about this. How are they going to be able to trust him after he comes out with a book with tons of dirt on his former team? Not only did he blow numerous games and potential playoff runs or even World Series hopes, but it turns out that most of his own players didn't even like him. He obviously was a different person when he was behind the cameras and the media played him out to be some sort of hero. He well overstayed his welcome in New York. The Yankees could have had Lou Pinella as their manager if they realized sooner (even though I like Girardi). There is no way that someone can defend Torre after this crap that he is pulling. I hope his legacy is tarnished forever and Yankee fans forget about him as quickly as possible for trying to ruin a franchise that gave him his 3rd chance as a manager. The Yankees made Joe Torre into who he is, he didn't make the Yankees who they are.


  1. That last sentence is ridiculous. Joe is the man

  2. Then why can no else win with the Yanks? By far the biggest payroll in baseball year in and year out, but for almost a decade no one has come close to doing what Joe did. And...he did it with a young Mariano Rivera moving in a year after Wetteland closed brilliantly for them. With Paul O Neill and Scott Brosius, (not bad) but certainly not Hall of Fame players. Joe was the puppet master, you are drinking the Michael Kay/Steinbrenner brothers kool aid if you think he wasn't a big part of delivering the championships. Give the man his due. Yankee fans are going down the same road they did with Yogi. Enjoy watching the Rays beat your butts again this year.

  3. no one else can win with the yanks? theyve had 1 manager since torre left for only 1 season. give him a chance. he had the biggest payroll for 7 years and did absolutely nothing. hes had an all star at almost every position while he was with the yankees. hes a terrible coach. he couldnt win anything anywhere else... and theres no way you can say that the yanks arent the favorite in the AL East after this off season.


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