Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Best Players Never in The Super Bowl" Team

USA Today's got an article out about the best players to never play in the Super Bowl and it makes a starting 53-man team out of those guys. It is sad to see this list of legends, mostly retired, some active, that never got to taste the big game. Whether it was bad teams, or bad timing, or bad luck, or any number of reasons, this superstar list of 52 never made it.

Some names stick out for me:
Randall Cunningham
Barry Sanders
LaDainian Tomlinson
Deacon Jones
Dick Butkus
Derrick Thomas
Champ Bailey
Ed Reed
And who knows how many of today's players might some day reach this list?
Will Adrian Peterson ever make it?
Drew Brees?
Zach Thomas? (i think)
Nnamdi Ashomuga

Matt O covered a similar topic earlier this month and did a fine job (for a Cowboys fan, we all know they have smaller, weaker brains)

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