Wednesday, January 7, 2009

FedEx BCS National Championship

The BCS National Championship is almost finally here after a long season of controversy (whats new?) and thrills. The game features #1 Oklahoma vs. #2 Florida. It seems to be a thrilling match up in the making. There has been much hype about this game going in, especially with the 2 previous Heisman winners squaring off with each other.

I think the BCS system definitely got it right this time. Many people, including me do not agree with how college football is ran. There is the BCS system, which is used now to pick the bowl games, but many feel there should be a playoff system, that of the NFL.

Regardless, this championship game looks to be a good one. Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow: what more can you ask for right now? And the scary thing is, there are probably 20+ players combined that can be drafted this year, or make an NFL roster.

Both sides of the ball on both teams are stacked with talent, and gamers. From Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma, to Brandon Spikes of Florida, there are some great play makers that can make all the difference to this game from he defensive side. This game will be decided in the trenches, and ultimately how Tebow and Bradford preform.

Bradford must be flawless and allow his wide recievers and tight ends to recieve the ball in open spaces to make plays. These set of recievers include stand outs such as Juaquin Iglesias, Jermain Gresham, and Manual Johnson. Not to mention, Chris Brown, and DeMarco Murray, two 1000 yard rushers for Oklahoma are dangerous in every which way.

Tebow too must be just as flawless, if not more to beat Oklahoma and Bradford. Tebow will utilize his agressive running style on short yardage plays, but he must get to the ball to his playmakers. Louis Murphy, and Percy Harvin will be used to their fullest. Even though Harvin is only said to be 90 percent, he will still be used on most of the downs, including running plays.

Oklahoma is coming into the FedEx Championship Bowl with four straight BCS losses. This games looks to be a good one, but dont be surprised if it gets one sided and stays that way. Both teams have the ability to make that happen in this game, but with these strong defenses, it is not very likely. Stay tuned: Thursday, January 8th, at 8 pm on FOX.

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