Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jodie Meeks? Lester Hudson? WHO!?

Who in the world is Jodie Meeks? Who is the world is Lester Hudson? Before you take some wild guesses, they are two of college basketball's leading scorers. Jodie, the go to scorer for the Kentucky Wildcats averages a solid 26 points per game this year. Hudson, a sniper from downtown for the University of Tennessee-Martin has the green light from anywhere on the court, and can surely put a dagger in his opponents.

You may have heard of Jodie Meeks and his once in a life time performance against Tennessee putting up an unheard of 54 points. In that affair, Meeks was perfect from the free throw line (14-14) and 15-22 from the field, including 10-15 from the 3-point line.

I can guarantee you have never heard of Lester Hudson. Don't let his small school status fool you however. In games against Tennessee and USC, Hudson scored 20+ points. Hudson has had 5 games of 30+ points including a 41 point game against Central Arkansas.

These two players are sure to put up points for the rest of the year. Don't expect to hear much about Lester Hudson, but Jodie Meeks will surely be in the news for the next few months.


  1. i guarantee no one has ever heard of the ohio valley conference, the conference that hudson is in. most people probably can't name 3 teams from that conference

  2. Look for Austin Peay to make the tourney this year. They are the strongest team in the ohio valley this year, and have been that way in the recent past


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