Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Articles and Great Movies

Here's some great articles flying around the internet that you should definitely read:

One on Danny Granger, and the rough times he faced as a kid.

Another on Larry Fitzgerald, and how he possesses extra-ordinary hand-eye coordination and is one of the best Wide Receivers in the NFL.

And a third on my personal favorite, Kevin Durant. And yes, in responding to the comment when I posted about Granger, I love Kevin Durant. He's going to be a phenomenal player and this great article shows some of his progression as a player.

Also, if you haven't seen them yet, these are two movies you should absolutely find the time to see:

Taken -- This is a fantastic movie. Some of the action is a little farfetched but it's a great action thriller you have to see.

Righteous Kill -- DeNiro and Pacino are long past their primes, but this is still a great movie.

The Last Castle -- Gandolfini and Redford are good and this military/prison movie is a solid watch. Find the time for it.

Other Movie thoughts:

Max Payne -- This is an entertaining movie, however, it does a complete injustice to the video game series that was absolutely phenomenal. So don't feel bad if you missed the movie, but try to play game if you can find the time. It's definitely worth the time wasted digging up your PS2.

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