Sunday, January 25, 2009

Superbowl Prediction and More

A few weeks back, I made the prediction that the Pittsburgh Steelers would be Superbowl champions. Although I did have them defeating the Carolina Panthers instead of the Arizona Cardinals. Nevertheless the Steelers are there and to no ones surprise, it's because of their defense. Ben Roethlisberger has been shaky and Hines Ward has been injured, but when your defense is this good, it doesn't really matter. Like the old saying goes, defense wins championships.

I don't think people realize how amazing this defense is. Yes, Kurt Warner has the experience and is playing amazing, and Larry Fitzgerald has been unstoppable, but I'm predicting that the Steelers hold the Arizona offense to 13 points. Football guru Dick LeBeau who has been around forever, will draw up something to shut down Fitzgerald and frustrate the rest of the Cardinals offense. Between Polamalu, Harrison, and Farrior, this defense is one of the best in the past 20 years and fans need to know that.

Now even though I'm obligated to root for the Cardinals because they bounced the Eagles out of the playoffs and if the Steelers win they will pull ahead of the 49ers and my Cowboys for most Superbowls by a franchise, I feel that Pittsburgh will win this game easily.

On a side note, I know this blog is for sports, but I have to let everyone know how upset, disappointed, frustrated, annoyed, and embarrassed I am with our new president. I knew he was going to ruin this country, but I didn't expect it to start only a few days into his presidency. He already signed pro-abortion laws which gives money to other countries in support of abortion. He made Timothy Geithner Treasury Secretary, a man who didn't pay his taxes for 4 years and owes thousands of dollars now. I don't want an idiot like this handling our nations debt and taxes, what is the president thinking? His stimulus package is going to slap another trillion dollars on our national debt and his VP has made more comments that make you shake your head and say " did he really just say that?". He told the public that he plans to close Guantanamo Bay within a year. So if you live in the States, terrorists could be coming to a prison near you! He is in a pre-9/11 state of mind and it's only making our country more vulnerable. I hope that Palin, Huckabee, Romney, Jindal, or Rudy G, are preparing to come save us in 2012.

Random Fact: Mariano once left his sun-roof open before he went into a movie, when he came out, the rain storm had passed, but not before doing damage to the inside of his car. ( but let's take it easy on him, he's a real smart kid. For a Eagles fan, we all know they have smaller, weaker brains)


  1. Matt, you can call Mike an idiot and even bash my Eagles - but lay off my president, would you? How did a nice kid like you become such a right-wing nut job? Palin and Huckabee? Are you kidding me? I may have to revoke your pool pass ...

  2. sorry if i upset you, ill stick to making fun of mike and the eagles from now on.

  3. and please, anything but the pool pass

  4. Who knew pool basketball would be your achilles' heel??


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