Saturday, January 17, 2009


Today, Saturday, January 17th, there are some great college basketball games on display for everyone to see. Let me express my excitement for college basketball at this time of the year first. College Basketball is the best thing to happen to all of sports. It is the best sport played and the fact that kids play it with only their heart makes it that much of a pleasure to watch. Anyway, lets talk about big match ups on this glorious day.

Game 1: Syracuse vs. Notre Dame
A classic big east match up which consist of the number 8 and 13th teams in the nation. Both teams have great potential to go far in the month of March, and can make a push for the Big East title. With these two teams on the court, there are potentially 6-10 players that can make it to the big show next year.

Game 2: Georgetown vs. Duke
This is my favorite match up of the day. The Blue Devils who have a great line up with shooters as well as a solid inside present are the favorites to win the ACC. They have all the pieces in place to make a great push as the season progresses. Georgetown is one of the best teams in the nation. They are much better than their ranking shows, and I think center Greg Monroe is the best freshman in the nation.

Game 3: Wake Forest vs. Clemson
Wake Forest: The forgotten team in the ACC. Fresh of a win against U.N.C. Wake Forest has the ability to hit you from every position on the floor. Do not be surprised if Wake Forest stays healthy, they win the ACC, with ease. Clemson, my sleeper team for the year. They are talanted and amazingly athletic. Trevor Booker is their heart and soul. Look for him to have a big game.

Game 4: U.N.C. vs. Miami
Do not sleep on Miami. They were ranked not too long ago, and their team is stacked with shooters and jumpers. Just put it this way, they can flat out play. And U.N.C. can not afford to let another one slip in the ACC. with already two losses in the conference, they will come out strong. But look for this game to be a dog fight(no literally) but it will be a brawl.

Game 5: Pittsburgh vs. Louisville
I love how Louisville plays basketball. They are so athletic, and their leader Earl Clark can do it all. He fills up the stat sheet. Though they have had some hicups this season already, they are a deadly team. Pittsburgh to me, isn't good enough to have the number 1 ranking. However as long as they keep winning, you can not take anything away from them. This will be an excellent game tonight.

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