Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Celebrities in the Crowd

Many times during a sporting event, the camera flashes to high profile celebrity who is there not to just be somewhere, but because they truly love their team. It's nice to see because it shows that they are actual people too who care just as much as the average joe. Lets take a closer look at where to find certain celebrities and who they support.

Stephen King- This amazing American author is spotted at Fenway Park all the time. King lives in New England and ironically enough is often seen reading a book during games. King even stayed in the park during a 45 minute rain delay once.

Spike Lee- There's no denying Spike's love for the New York Knicks. Ever since I was little I've been seeing him courtside at Madison Square Garden. Spike proved his fanhood when he verbally attacked Reggie Miller during the middle of games. Him and Reggie has a great feud throughout his career.

Jack Nicholson- Everybody has seen Jack sitting courtside next to the visitors bench in L.A. He is at a ton of games and is very passionate. Jack has also been seen yelling at opposing players, just ask Nick Van Exel. Jack also refused to wear a Boston Red Sox hat for a scene in The Departed because he is a die hard Yankee fan so props to him.

Billy Crystal- Speaking of Yankee fans, Billy Crystal shows a lot of love to New York. He even went as far as signing a one day spring training contract last season. Unfortunately he struck out.

Will Ferrell- This USC alumni supports the Trojans year round. He even was in prank with Pete Carroll faking that he was on fire.

There are a ton of other celebs who support their teams, these are just a few. It's a great thing to see and it makes going to sporting events that much more exciting.


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