Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big Contracts=Big Busts?

With the recent signings in the MLB off season this past week of C.C Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Francisco Rodriguez, one question arose in my head: How will big players like these react after signing such a large contract? It got me thinking about big name players, such as the ones mentioned, performing at the same level before signing. Barry Zito for example, once a CY-Young winner who signed a huge contract with the San Francisco Giants for a 7 year $126 million in 2007. Before signing the contract, for his career, Zito was 102-63 including his magical year in 2002 going 23-5. After his contract, Zito is currently 21-30. Bust? or is he going to settle in after 2 years? Other big contracts that have been a waste to MLB teams include players such as Mike Hampton (8 years $121 million), Mo Vaughn (6 years $60 million), and Kevin Brown (7 years $115 million).
We are yet to find out how these players perform with their new teams. C.C Sabathia was unbelievable in the regular season with the Brewers in the second half of the season, but ran out of gas in the playoffs. A.J. Burnett is injury prone, but there is no doubt about the fact that he has dirty stuff. Last But not least, Francisco Rodriguez is coming off his record setting year with 62 saves. However, did the Angels put him in 69 games because they knew they could not afford him after the season? His stamina will remain in question as the season progresses and hopefully the curse of Mets closers does not haunt him. Hopefully all of our questions are answered once the season kicks off in April of 2009.


  1. solid cheap seats debut for the newcomer. keep em coming


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