Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Meetings Update

According to MetsBlog, the Mets have offered Fransisco Rodriguez a 2 year deal, with a third year player option. The deal is reportedly worth $12 Million per season.

This doesn't make much sense to me. All the talk surrounding K-Rod suggests that he is seeking a 4 year deal, and I feel like such a low ball offer might come as an insult. Come on Omar

Chicago Sun Times writer Gordon Wittenmeyer discusses the increasing likelihood that Jake Peavy will join the Cubs.

Personally, I am not buying this rumor until I get a legitimate source. After all, it was widely discussed that Peavy would be a Brave "by Thanksgiving". But imagine a rotation of Peavy, Harden, Zambrano, Dempster, and Lilly.

According to mlbtraderumors, the Marlins and Giants are discussing a swap of Jorge Cantu and Jonathan Sanchez.

I really like the Giants commitment to improving their offense. And I feel like this would be an absolute steal for them. Sanchez is little more than an average pitcher, and Cantu has 35+ HR potential.

Gordon Edes of Yahoo Sports claims that Manny Ramirez never even responded to their 2 year offer. Which confirms my belief that the Dodgers never actually wanted to resign Manny. Instead it was a move to appease their fanbase.

The article also claims that the Dodgers have reached a tentative agreement with third baseman Casey Blake, and are making progress in resigning Rafael Furcal.

Jon Heyman believes that the Brewers are back in the C.C. Sabbathia sweepstakes. The Brewers, according to sources, are open to adding a sixth year for Sabathia, which would likely raise their offer from $100 million to close to $120 million.

Here's my take on Sabbathia. As dominate as he was last season, I don't like the idea of tying up $120 Million over 6 years for a power pitcher who checks in at nearly 300 pounds. The potential for long term injury is enormous.

Thats all I've got...I'm still waiting for the hot stove to finally heat up. I'm feeling confident that the Mets will leave Las Vegas with a closer, but other than that the big name players are seemingly hesitant to sign.

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