Thursday, December 25, 2008

What about Pettitte?

Now that the New York Yankees have signed 3 players this offseaon with combined contracts equaling near $424 million, do they have money to sign another vetran in Andy Pettitte? Pettitte has been considering $10 million offer from the Yankees for a while now, believing he deserves a salary closer to the $16 million he made last season. But unless the Yankees are able to trade one of their extra hitters, there may be no room for Pettitte, the Journal News said.

Signing Mark Teixeira and fellow free agents Damaso Marte, A.J. Burnett, and CC Sabathia will add roughly $65 million to the payroll in 2009. That would be about $20 million less than the Yankees have coming off from 2008 and they would like it to stay that way.

The Los Angeles Dodgers may be interested in Pettette however. This is not surprising to me because of Pettitte's relationship with former Yankees manager Joe Torre. Pettitte may sign a multi-year contract with the Dodgers for maybe what he was looking for Yankees. Don't be surprised if this goes through.

In other Yankee news, former Red Sox catcher Kevin cash signed a minor league contract with the Yankees. The Yankees did not announce any signing, but the newspaper said the team came to terms with Cash on a minor league deal that will pay him $700,000 if he plays in the majors.

He will be insurance for Jorge Posada if he does not recover from shoulder surgery fast enough. Another Red Sox player coming to the Yankees...

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  1. i love andy, but i want to see hughes be the 5th starter this year


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