Monday, December 8, 2008

Yankees Hot Stove

This off season, there are numerous free agents out on the market, and as usual, the New York Yankees will be looking to lock some of them up. The biggest target is assumed to be C.C. Sabathia, who has already been offered a six year, $140 million deal. Now before all of the Yankee haters start crying about how the Yankees buy all of their championships, let me just clear one thing up. This year, they have so much money coming off their payroll that they can sign Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Derek Lowe, and still have a lower payroll than last season.

Free agents who were on the Yankees last season salaries.

Giambi- 23 million
Abreu- 16 million
Pettitte-16 million
Pavano- 10 million
Mussina (retired)- 11 million

Now Pettitte will probably return for the 2009 season but has been exploring the Dodgers as well. Abreu is most likely not coming back and the other 3 players are definitely gone. With all this money coming off the books, the Yankees should be biding high on players like Sabathia. C.C. has said that he loves being in New York but the California native will be exploring options from the Dodgers, Angels, and Giants.

I feel like if the Yankees can land Sabathia, and put a solid bat in their lineup, (possibly Teixeira/ Manny, you never know) the Yankees will be better of than signing 3 high profile pitchers. It wasn't their pitching that struggled last year, it was their streaky offense. Imagine Sabathia and Manny on the team. The pitching rotation and lineup would look something like this.




C- Posada
1st- Swisher
2nd- Cano
SS- Jeter
3rd- A-rod
LF- Manny
CF- Damon, Swisher, Gardner
RF- Nady
DH- Matsui

Now even though this is just a random thought and might not happen, the Yankees can get these two superstars and have a lower payroll than last year which is unbelievable. To me, the team above would be an incredible force and pray every night that this comes true. The fun thing about the off season is that anything can happen and no team is ruled out of anything. These are just things that I feel could/should happen with the Yankees this off season, it's up to you to make your own predictions. It will be interesting to see who these guys are playing for come April.


  1. That would probably be the worst back end of a rotation in the MLB. The Yankees need pitching, pitching, and more pitching.

    And I honestly think that CC is signing elsewhere. If it was about the money he would've jumped at $140 Million. They should pursue Lowe and Burnett

  2. aceves pitched well last season and showed he can do it in the majors. hughes is a star in the making. burnett is way to injry prone. i heard there gonna offer ben sheets something like 3 years 30 million or something. i also heard that if they cant get any of the big pitchers out there, theyre gonna go nuts on offense. i hate to say it but im thinkin cc is going west now too

  3. C.C. is definitely going West. And good for him. It's about time somebody didn't just sign Boras, and blindly take the money.

  4. HAHAHA nice call on CC going west mariano

  5. Looks like we were both wrong

  6. woops. chalk that one up to wishful thinking.


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