Monday, December 8, 2008

Fantastic Reading: YardBarker Player and Athlete Blogs

If you've never been there or even head of Yardbarker, it's time to go there. I couldn't tell you what the purpose of the website is, however I frequently go there to read their Athlete blog section. Player/Athlete blogs are phenomenal reading because if the blogger is dedicated you get great insider information and behind the scenes stories you would never normally hear. Curt Schilling and Gilbert Arenas are two players whose blogs are very popular and definitely worth checking out at places other than Yardbarker. However, Curt Schilling is a self-absorbed, media whore and Gilby doesn't blog all too often, or atleast not very recently.

On Yardbarker, there is a slew of player blogs to check out and they are updated pretty regularly with interesting new posts to look at. They have athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, Olympic, etc. for your enjoyment, whoever you are.

Greg Oden has a great blog and is consistently insightful and full of cool information about the team, himself, and being on the road. He does a great job of posting interesting things and rarely disappoints. For instance, last week he talked about how cool it was to be in New York and see all the scenes from one of his favorite shows, Gossip Girl. If he didn't blog it, how the hell else would we know such fantastic information.

Donovan McNabb and Chris Cooley give great blogs and are definitely worth checking out. Derrick Ward, Santonio Holmes, Rajon Rondo, Vernon Davis & Kevin Slowey are some others, just to name a few. There are bunches and bunches of athletes, you're bound to find someone you like.

However, the best blog by far, is by Buffalo Bills Running Back Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn Lynch writes his blog in a language that can barely be called english. He uses a crazy mix of internet shortcuts, slang, phonetic spelling, and a bunch of other things that I've never heard before. Here's some dynamite excerpts from Marshawn's awesome blog:
  • "yb i been thinkin these pass couple days bout dis chargers game cumming up dis weekend. im ready 2 hit dat field fast. i ben practicing hard beastin it out looking 4ward to trent pullin thru gettin bac active. we "da bills" took ah loss n arizona lookin pass dat getting ready 4 da next. lovin da fan attitude they holdin us down wining or losing and dats whats up!... feels good 2 be back n da yard again... holla bac and talk to yah boi.... gone fast like ah nass car. beaasssst mooooode!"

  • "i cant find da words to say how happy i am 4 beatin dem bay boys da 1st time i played dem. it was a fun and hella close game..."

  • "wha it do YB? two words... BEAST MODE! we did are thang against dem chief. i had hella fun again playin wit my teammates gettin that W! i jus wasnt feelin dat late hit but its all good. U feel me tho? lmao. shots out to dah fans dats been supportin my beast mode clothin line i thank u. i seen those dat had dem on. Dats whaz up!... its ah new week cumming up gotta get ready for dem 49ers. lookin 4ward to another W... hold ya chin up.....nuh nuh nuh gone"

Before I go, here's a fantastic Marshawn clip to brighten your day:


  1. You gotta love Beast Mode....I could spend hours watching his youtube videos


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