Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Buster Onley Around the Majors Now Insider

Say it ain't so. In Buster Olney's blog, it is now necessary to be an Insider to read Buster's Around the Majors Report. In this report, Olney gives quick notes and links about most of the teams around the league. It is extremely informative and gives a great recap of what's going on around the league. However, now you must have ESPN Insider access to read this part of the blog. And this is more often than not, the best part of the blog and exactly why I make a daily stop to see what Olney has written.

I have Insider and therefore am largely unaffected, however it is bad news for many people who are loyal Buster Olney readers throughout the country. I hope they fix this soon, because people are being deprived of great reading so ESPN can pimp their Insider features and try to get some more subsciptions.

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