Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big Drama in Big D

By now, I'm sure that you're filled in with the latest situation in Dallas concerning Terrell Owens and Tony Romo. Most of you are probably tired of hearing about this, but I'm going to talk about it anyway. Dallas WR Terrell Owens has criticized QB Tony Romo for holding private meetings with star TE Jason Witten. Owens like always, feels that Romo doesn't get him the ball enough and favors his good buddy Witten.

Along with that scenario, another chippy comment made by owner Jerry Jones sparked some controversy. Jones questioned RB Marion Barber's toughness, saying that he thought he could have played in Dallas' week 14 showdown in Pittsburgh. Coach Wade Phillips has downplayed both situations and as of today, players are saying that the differences have been worked out.

To be honest with you, I feel like the media blows these things way out of proportion. Yes, the Cowboys do have a history of having controversy in the organization, TO draws attention everywhere he goes, and Tony Romo's celebrity lifestyle is dissected every week. But players get frustrated in every organization and I'm sure that these problems happen elsewhere. It just doesn't get the attention because Dallas has such a long history of this type of behavior, dating back to the 1990's with Michael Irvin and company.

If you ask me, I think many people are to blame for this debacle. Mostly TO though. Considering his past relationships with QB's Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb, it's obvious that the guy has to constantly be getting the ball. Although he went about it completely wrong, he does have a point. When he gets the ball, the Cowboys do well, it's that simple. Even though Jason Witten and Romo have been great together, the ball could be throw to TO a little more. This also involves Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett. He needs to step up and take some responsibility and take the heat off of his players.

The difference between the current Cowboys team and the past Cowboys teams is that they are not getting wins. It will be interesting to see how much this affects this team and what they do in these next 3 weeks and possibly the playoffs. If they fail to make the playoffs, then this could be an off season of embarrassment and change, but if they succeed in the playoffs, then all of this will be forgotten, similar to the 2007 New York Giants.


  1. ...can you say "overated"?

  2. As far as I am concerned the Playoffs start tomorrow!
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  3. I can't stand the cowboys and all of their nonsense. It seems to branch from a false sense of entitlement that stems from jerry jones and all his crap.

  4. Yet the boys demolished the giants last night and will beat the Ravens/eagles to make it into the playoffs GO COWBOYS!


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