Saturday, December 20, 2008

Steelers Defense Dominant

Listening to the radio today, I heard a stat about the Pittsburgh Steelers defense that only furthers my feeling that the Steelers are going to win the Super Bowl. It is easy to see that their defense is fantastic but check out this statistic:

In the last 6 weeks, the opposing teams have been called for ZERO holding penalties against the Steelers defense.

If you watched the Steelers/Ravens slugfest last week, you saw the holding all over the field. I don't know why their hasn't been any called, but nonetheless it's only even more impressive. The Steelers defense has been terrific and Ben Roethlisberger only needs to manage the game for the team to get the win every week.

The Steelers have played a murderer's row of teams this year, especially recently. The Steelers play the NFC East and the AFC South. But they're at the end of a tough stretch where they won at New England, beat Dallas, and won at Baltimore and now they play at Tennessee. They're currently 11-3 and getting impressive win after win. They're going to be grueling in the playoffs because there's a good chance that all roads lead through them.

James Harrison is making a strong case for Defensive Player of the Year with almost 100 total tackles, 15.5 sacks, and 7 forced fumbles! Also Troy Polamalu has been tremendous, as usual. If they can get healthy, they should be the favorite to represent the AFC in the big game.

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