Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kornheiser is an Insult to Monday Night Football

I'm a big fan of PTI, so I've always had respect for Tony Kornheiser. But that respect all but dissappeared when he began working for Monday Night Football. As a color commentator, Kornheiser is just awful. He provides very little insight to the game, and he constantly fills the broadcast with a collection of bad jokes and bizarre commentary. He treats Monday Night Football like its a 3 hour episode of PTI, and honestly nobody is laughing. Here are two great quotes from Kornheiser last night.

"Do you think Tampa remembers that 24 point loss they suffered to Carolina week 6?" (Tony)
"Actually, that was a 24 point win Tony" (Jaws)

"Jeff Garcia likes to date hot quarterbacks"

Add in the numerous bad jokes and strange statistics, and it made for an annoying broadcast. Maybe I'm just bitter because the Bucs lost, but I'm not alone in the belief that Kornheiser is ruining Monday Night Football. Stick to PTI Tony


  1. I agree 100 percent here. His comments are bizarre and add nothing to the game at hand. I think ESPN is ruining MNF--Sunday night is now the place to be.

  2. Absolutely. NBC does a fantastic job with their coverage. I used to look forward to Monday night games, but now I think Sunday night is the real primetime

  3. who do you suggest the replace him with?

  4. Tony would be fine if you brought Wilbon along too. Tony is nothing without Wilbon. I love Tony, but i can't deny that fact.

  5. So little is known about the effect that the hard vacuum of outer space has on the human body. The survival of future Mars colonists could depend on this information.

    And here's Tony Kornheiser just walking up and down the street.

    Am I the only one who sees the opportunities here?

  6. I like it. Send him, Dennis Miller, Chris Collinsworth, Brian Balldinger, and the countless other incompetent commentators.

  7. The whole world became huge fan of Monday Night Football tv show, Including me also. My father and i like to Watch Monday Night Football Episodes Online. We enjoy it's every episode, specially when there is matchup between our favorite teams.


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