Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lets Talk BCS

This whole season I felt like Florida was the best team in the nation, even when everyone was talking about the big 3 from the Big 12 (Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech). And as it played out, there is no denying that the Gators deserve to be in the National Championship game. After a disappointing 1 point loss to Ole Miss, Tim Tebow put the team on his back and carried them to a dominant finish. Florida's win over Alabama without their star WR Percy Harvin convinced many they are the best team in college football.

What bothers me is who they got matched up with, the Oklahoma Sooners.( BTW, what the hell is a Sooner?) Anyway, I'm not saying that Oklahoma isn't a great team, because they are. I feel like they are going to be prepared and ready to play a solid game against Florida, but I also feel that there were two teams, Texas and Texas Tech, that were just as good who got snubbed. To me, the Texas Longhorn's are the most deserving team to play Florida because they beat Oklahoma by double digits on a neutral field.

This is why there HAS to be a playoff in college football. Every other sport uses some sort of a playoff system and its works great. If a playoff is put into effect in college, then every deserving team will have a shot to prove themselves fairly. Nobody has to get robbed of a championship game because they didn't have enough style points than another team. Plus, it would create more interesting matchups. I don't know what they're waiting for either. Most people want to see a playoff, and it is fair to every team. Even Coaches want to see it. Texas Tech coach Mike Leach went as far as suggesting a 64 team playoff, like college basketball. Maybe that is a little far fetched by the guy has the right idea. My prediction is that this will happen within the next few years because year after year, we see a deserving team get cheated out of a title game.

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