Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Matt O is Burning

We've all have been watching "Jim Rome is Burning" for years now. I feel like Jim Rome is someone you love or hate, and over the years I have come to love the guy. Not only does the guy crack tons of jokes during his program but he brings up interesting points and is extremely entertaining. I always wondered what it would be like to be in his shoes, so here I go. You are now tuned into "Matt O is Burning", here is what I'm burning on.

Joe Paterno- Does anyone else agree that this guy is the most overrated coach in college football? He has been at Penn State for 44 years and has 2 National Championships. The last one which came in 1986. That's before I was born! If Penn State fans want to win the National Title every 22 years, then go ahead have him. But if history repeats itself then this would have been the Nittany Lions year, and that is not happening. My message to Joe Pa.... RETIRE.

Plaxico Burress/ High Profile Athletes- Come on Plaxico! You've been more of a problem this year than T.O. has ever been. Every week this season it just seemed like you went and did something more stupid than the week before. There was no reason for you to accidentally shoot yourself other than you just being to stupid to handle a gun. This goes out to other athletes who have done ridiculous things like Jevon Kearse getting a DUI, Matt Jones getting busted with cocaine, and Michael Vick for dogfighting. You have millions of dollars, why would you go and let these things happen? Why would you let this distract you from playing sports? I'm not saying that you can't be a good person or have my support if this has happened to you, but with the life that you have as an athlete, why do you risk it?

Anti NHL fans- This is a topic that I have been meaning to get to for a while now. I don't understand why hockey can not be popular in the United States, especially when it is a lifestyle to our neighboring country Canada. What is not to like about hockey? It is the most fast paced game out there with plenty of action. There is a physical aspect to the game that is not seen in any other sport. In what other sport can players drop what they're doing and start throwing haymakers at each other. If two players in the NBA start throwing punches, it is automatic suspension and fine plus everyone makes a huge deal out of it. In hockey a fight is used to impact the game by getting your team and fans fired up, trying to rough up another teams top player and make them more tired by the end of the game. Also, shootouts are one of the most exciting things to watch. So whats not to like? It can't be the speed of the game because it is by far the fastest, it can't be the scoring because there is plenty of that, and it can be that it's boring because you can do things in hockey that you will never see in another sport. So come on all you hockey haters, give it a chance.

The city of Philadelphia-OK guys, you FINALLY won a championship. Don't get too excited about it. When I look back on the past 25 years, there is not a worse sports city in America than Philly. Before the Phillies winning the World Series a few weeks ago, no major sports team (baseball, football, basketball, hockey) in Philly had won a title. Since then, there have been numerous teams from different cities in different sports who have won multiple championships, the Yankees, Cowboys, Lakers, Red Wings, Spurs, Devils, and Patriots are just a few. The reason this World Series win was so incredible for Philadelphia fans is because their teams have sucked for so long. Not to mention their classless fans who threw packets of mustard and ketchup at Joe Maddon's 10 year old granddaughter. I was completely disgusted when I saw this and whatever respect I did have for Philly was lost at that moment. But this is what I have come to expect out of this city. I can go on and on, but I'm sure other writers of this blog want a shot at Philly so I'll let them handle it. Bottom Line- Philadelphia is by far the worst sports city in America and I will hate it as long as I have a breath in my body.

This concludes what I am burning on for now. Expect more burns in the future because someone or something is always doing something idiotic.

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