Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tops Dogs in Sports Blogs

News and blog site, Wikio, updates monthly blog rankings based on some algorithm about links and posts and other blogs that I won't pretend to understand. However, it is cool to see the best sports blogs out. Even if these aren't perfect rankings, they do give a pretty good representation of the best blogs available. They've got the top 100 listed on the link, but you can search for any blog to check its ranking. Your's truly comes in at a cool #21489, so props to anyone who has helped attribute to that, we're just happy to be on there. Here's the top 25 sports blogs with some others Cheap Seats favorites mixed in. We'll bold our favorites:
  1. Deadspin

  2. MLB Trade Rumors

  3. The Big Lead

  4. D.C. Sports Blog

  5. True Hoop

  6. EDSBS

  7. The LoHud Yankees Blog

  8. Baseball Musings

  9. Beyong the Boxscore

  10. MetsBlog

  11. Hardwood Paroxysm

  12. Kissing Suzy Kolber

  13. Mr. Irrelevant

  14. Blazers Edge

  15. MLB Rumors --

  16. U.S.S. Mariner

  17.'s Astrowire

  18. MGoBlog

  19. DRaysBay

  20. Wizards Insider

  21. Mile High Report

  22. Blogging the Boys

  23. Music City Miracle

  24. Windy City Gridiron

  25. Pride of Detroit

27. Baseball Analysts

47. The Good Phight

84. ShysterBall

Overall, I think it's a good list, although it is a travesty that ShysterBall is listed so low, it must be a algorithmic technicality. I look at this list like a little kid holding baseball cards, hoping one day that could be us, yet having the sense to known it's probably not going to happen. Nontheless, it is a cool listing and you should definitely check out some of the sites and see if they float your boat.

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  1. 21489? Congrats on breaking in to the top 25000 best blogs! Maybe Top-10K should be your goal for 2009 ... it could happen. I just spent the last couple of hours (I have no life) catching up on you guys since Nov. Great headlines, good pics and some fun topics - I love Barkley, Griffey, Matt O is Burning, Rutgers Football, Matt the E, Sean Avery and of course, the 7-11 piece. Seems like you all not only have opinions but know how to write! You must all have great moms. I plan on getting my sports news and opinions from here from now on so I can impress Dave with my knowledge, so keep it up.

    PS 2+1+4+8+9=24 Must be an omen :-)


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