Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sabathia to Yanks

Buster Olney of ESPN has reported the C.C. Sabathia will sign with the New York Yankees. The contract is believed to be worth $161 million over 7 years, with a chance to opt out after 3 years. This is $21 million more than the Yankees original offer of six years. 140 million.

Sabathia was the most sought out pitcher and many people thought he was headed out west when he didn't accept the first offer. Sabathia is arguably the best pitcher in the league along with Santana and Lincecum, in my opinion.

This is a HUGE day for the Yankees. If the Yankees can sign another pitcher like Sheets, Burnett, or Lowe, then New York can possibly get 80 wins just from their starters. A lot of people are questioning the Yankees and saying that they gave him too much money, but how can you say that when you look at the guys past. He didn't just have a great second half with the Brewers last year, he has been a top pitcher for years now. Everyone slammed the Yankees last year after not getting Johan, but now it is the Yankees who look like geniuses. They didn't give up any prospects and they got an amazing pitcher. I can't wait for C.C. to dominate in 2009.


  1. Don't get me wrong, its a great signing. But a guy who threw that many innings last year (and weighs 300 lbs) should not get a 7 year deal. Fat baseball players do not age well. This is going to be a long term mistake, much the Mets made with Pedro and Wagner

  2. hes 6'7. 300 pounds isnt that bad.


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