Monday, December 1, 2008

How to Obsessively Gamble: Without Being a Degenerate

I'm not going to lie, I love betting on sports. It can make any game more exciting and turn a normally meaningless game into a battle of life and death for you, the gambler.

Now, being relatively money-less, I don't have the funds for an obsessive gambling habit. I can't afford to lose the money that i don't have (or my mom doesn't have). Therefore, I wanted to find another option to place some bets and have some fun, but to avoid all of the risk and problems.

I stumbled upon, CentSports, a free sports betting site. On this website, you are automatically given $.10 at sign-up and free to bet it on anything you want: baseball, football, basketball, soccer, college sports, tennis, boxing, MMA, etc. You can bet straight or you can parlay. Basically, it is all the fun of a bookie without the threat of getting your legs broken.

Better yet, if you take that $.10 and blow it on the first bet, they keep giving you $.10 more everytime that you fall below the $.10 line. It's a never-ending fund for you to gamble with. Now, I know, $.10 isn't much, but if you're good and you can work it up to $10, all money after that is yours to keep and you can cash it out. Yes, for most of us, that is a pipe dream, but that is what makes it fun in the long run! I know I'll probably blow it long before $10 (my best is $4), but I keep trying and am constantly screaming at the tv over a $.20 parlay of Penn State and the Over.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you can sign up here. I love it and can't imagine this kind of harmless fun doesn't suit most other people either.

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