Saturday, December 13, 2008

What is K-Rod Thinking?

Francisco Rodriguez, who just signed a 3 year, $37 million contract with the New York Mets has already inserted himself in the N.L. East rivalry between the the Mets and Phillies. K-Rod recently proclaimed that his Mets were the team to beat in the East.

"Of course, we're going to try to win the division. Of course, we're going to be the front-runner. Of course, we're going to be the team to beat".

Obviously K-Rod hasn't been keeping up on this division the past few years while he was in California. Two years ago Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins said that they were the team to beat in the N.L. East. Last year, Carlos Beltran said during spring training, “Tell Jimmy Rollins we are the team to beat.”

Now I understand that K-Rod has always had a cocky attitude like he's better than everyone, celebrating every save like he just closed out game 7 of the World Series. And I understand that he wants his team to be confident and wants to be part of the team, but after the Mets back to back collapses there is NO WAY that he should be saying stuff like that. How can the Mets possibly be the team to beat after the Phillies just won the World Series? That would be like somebody saying the Giants aren't the team to beat in the NFL or the Celtics in the NBA. Although the Mets have made tremendous moves so far this off season to improve their bullpen, they have no room to talk until they win the division. Carlos Beltran looked like an idiot when he said it last year, but Rodriguez looks like more of an idiot for his comments. These words could come back to haunt him and the Mets as they look to blow a division lead for the 3rd year in a row.


  1. Phone chargers for saleDecember 14, 2008 at 2:11 AM

    the Mets got the two most overrated closers out on the market. k rod is an overthrown mediocre closer. and putz is gonna get injured again.

  2. Wow I don't even know where to begin...

    First of all, the Mets have not collapsed two years in a row. We choked 2 years ago, but last year we simply got beat by a better team. But only by 1 game! Its not like the Phils have dominated. How is krods statement any different than Rollins from 2 years ago. The year before the Mets had dominated the division and then rollins calls the phils the team to beat? he was right, but still a dumb statement.

    Also, I guess you missed the fact that Hamels called the Mets "choke artists" in a recent interview. What kind of rivalry would this be if the Mets didnt answer back. Its gonna be a close race again this year and Im glad that K-rod at least has some fire and intensity.

  3. I also want to point out that the Mets would've won the division by more than 15 games last year if you only counted the first 7 innings. So by adding 2 of the games top 5 closers, that problem has been solved. And thats not to say were instantly the division favorites. But our needs have been addressed and we are a MUCH better team than last year.

    And K-rod a mediocre closer? You must be joking. The guy set a major league record for saves last season and hes only 26. He has great stuff, and has the ability to strike people out. On top of that, I honestly feel that Putz is slightly better. Look at his K:BB ratio in the last 2 years.

  4. Brad "41 for 41" LidgeDecember 14, 2008 at 2:40 PM

    first off mets were 3 games back. and thats why you play all 9 innings. and all that the winning by 15 games if they played little league proves that mets are choke artists not only down the stretch, but also late in games. seriously k rod does have nasty stuff, but i think people will realize hes a bigger head case than houstons valverde. i cant wait to see if he chokes like the mets usually do or if he saves 50 and johan wins 30.

  5. K rod closed out a record amount of saves for the best team in the mlb (regular season record, not the phillies) last year in the worst division in the mlb (they won by 21 games) what surprises me is the fact that there were that many close games for him to close. but then again you cant argue that 7 blown saves isnt an improvement over the 30 or so the mets had last year

  6. If they played 7 innings they would have just brought the pen in earlier and still lost. I think krod is vastly overrated but still a good closer.Putz is good now but closers seem to have a short shelf life except for the elite guys like Rivera nathan Hoffman etc. Putz could easily been one of those flash in the pan guys. Then again he could be a solid reliever but we will see.

  7. I just don't get is Krod overrated? I agree that saves are a stupid stat, but you still gotta give him credit for setting the major league record, and having 4 consecutive seasons of 40+ saves. Lidge was the man last year, but you'd be fool if you thought that hes had the better career. Lidge has blown up once before, Krod never has.

    And my mistake about the division, you're right it was 3 games. But I still don't understand how it was a choke. We got beat, plain and simple. And my point about it only being 7 innings is that the Mets struggles last year were a direct result of the bullpen. Not to mention the fact that Wagner was injured for the last 2 months and Luis Ayala was our closer. Having this great 1-2 punch makes us a great team. The Phillies haven't done much to improve this season, so this will be an interesting race.

  8. blowing a 3 game division lead in with 17 games left, and a 7 game division lead with 17 games left 2 years ago is considered choking in my book. they couldnt even force a playoff on the last day of the season, the last game ever at shea, when they had the momentum of a 2 hit shutout the day before from johan. and against the marlins too.

  9. Choking is blowing a 3-0 lead in the ALCS

  10. teams lose 4 games in a row all the time


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