Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pro Bowl Snubs

There are three things in the sports world that I can't tolerate: the BCS, Philadelphia, and fan voting. The concept is an absolute joke, and it has caused me to lose interest in the pro bowl. I haven't even watched the game in over 5 years , because the game is not only boring, its also unfair. The best players should make the pro bowl, and thats something that just doesn't happen anymore. Here are the biggest pro bowl snubs in my opinion:

Phillip Rivers
Rivers leads the league in passer rating (101.4) and TDs (28), and he ranks 5th in passing yards (3,515). The only knock on Rivers is that he plays for an underachieving Chargers team, but he is absolutely deserving of the pro bowl.

Barrett Ruud
I don't care if you accuse me of Buccaneer bias, Ruud was snubbed for the second year in a row. I love Derrick Brooks, but Ruud is the best linebacker in Tampa. He ranks 6th in the league in tackles (116) to go along with 3 sacks and 2 interceptions. Ruud is the anchor of a solid defense, and its a shame he won't make it to Hawaii.

London Fletcher
Fletcher is leading tackler of the decade, and believe or it not he is never been to a pro bowl. He ranks 5th in the NFL this year in tackles (118), and he released his frustrations this week when he delievered this gem:

"I don't know if it was because I wasn't a first-round draft pick, I don't do some kind of dance when I make a 10-yard tackle, I don't go out and get arrested. I believe in playing the game the way it's supposed to be played. You line up each and every week, each and every play and you go out and get the job done. You look at my body of work and I've done that for 11 years."

Fletcher has been an alternate to the pro bowl 8 times, and its time that he gets the recognition he deserves.

DeAngelo Williams
1,229 yards and 14 touchdowns while splitting time? The numbers speak for themselves. The guy is averaging 5.5 yards a carry for crying out loud. It's a crime that hes not in the pro bowl. Although to be fair, the NFC running back class is strong.

Other notable snubs:
D'Qwell Jackson
Tony Romo
Antonio Bryant
Calvin Johnson
Trent Cole
Aaron Kampman
Erik Coleman


  1. Yet another Buccaneer-induced chubby for Matt. Ruud got exactly what he deserved...nothing. Stop filling the internet with your foolish commentary.


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