Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mustaches are Cool! Go 49ers!

As reported by ESPN, the 49ers team is growing out their best facial hair and mustaches for this week's game against the Redskins. My thoughts: I love it. Facial hair can be funny and cool when used in cool ways like this and i think athletes should do stupid stuff like this all the time. Everybody is always so busy taking themselves seriously and fun stuff like this isn't very common. This has got to be doing wonders for their karma, so you know I'll be betting the Niners and taking the points this weekend!

Other notable sports mustaches:

Jason Giambi -- What a mustache! I really don't like the Giambino but he grew out a classic 'stache.

The Mustache Gang -- Back in the 70's, Oakland Athletics owner Charles O. Finley gave $300 bonuses to every player who grew out facial hair for the season and it caught on leading to 3 consecutive World Series titles ('72, '73, '74). Rightfully so. Rollie Fingers was the star of the Mustache Gang but that mustache you should vividly remember.

Sal Fasano -- Sal's handlebar 'stache is the stuff of legend. He is a terrific clubhouse guy and frankly, I'm not surprised. I would definitely get along with somebody with fantastic facial hair like that. In fact, I'm wildly jealous. I can barely grow a mustache, but that's a post for another day.

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