Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eagles Roll Over Browns, Are They Good Enough?

On Monday Night Football, the Eagles finally did something that they were supposed to do this season. The trounced the lowly Browns who came into Lincoln Financial Field as one of the league's worst franchises. The Eagles still need some help from the Falcons or the Bucs, but first and foremost, they must help themselves and win out. Tonight was a step in the right direction.

McNabb and Reid both did enough to get a good strong win and look impressive while doing so. However, there are still some things that concerned me while watching this game, albeit minor things. Reid still struggled moving the chances on third and short. This is definitely going to be a problem moving forward as it has been all season. Also, McNabb's interception at the end of the first half was disconcerting. It was a wildly underthrown pass in a jump ball situation where you have to be looking to put the ball on the back pylon. An underthrown of that magnitude is unacceptable. However, McNabb did a good job managing the game and hitting receivers all over the field and Reid was constantly one step ahead of the Browns.

But we have to remember, this was the Browns, and that was supposed to happen. Let's see how they play at Washington this week which will be a much tougher game than advertised. The Redskins are falling apart but they are a division rival with plenty of talent to play spoiler to the Eagles' playoff hopes. The playoff picture will be a whole lot brighter for the Birds if they can go down to FedEx field and get a decisive victory but I remain convinced that either the Bucs or the Falcons will falter in the last two weeks.


  1. Just wondering if you watched the same game I did? Reid struggled on 3rd and short? The Eagles went 11-17 on 3rd down conversions. 2 of those missed conversions were by Kolb, two were interceptions(only one by McNabb), and 1 was a sack which the play had no bearing on. None of the missed 3rd downs was short distance except for Jackson's interception. Also McNabb's ball was not "wildly underthrown" It does not need to be put at the pylon, it needs to be put just over the recievers shoulder which it was a bit short of but not "wildly" I will be the first to be critical of the Eagles but these things you pointed out are not "definitely going to be a problem moving foward"

  2. I understand that the things i pointed out were definitely nit-picking. However, how can you say that Donovan's accuracy and third and short won't be problems going forward? Those have been our problems all season.

    The Jackson play and the int are microcosms of the entire season. We get stupid on short yardage situations and don't come up with the necessary play and Donovan makes a few passes every game that are "wildly underthrown" or overthrown.

    Don't get me wrong, Donovan looked fantastic last night. He made throws that I've never seen him make, but I can't shake the feeling that "Phenomenal" Donovan McNabb is back for good. The image of him throwing out routes 5 yards too short is seared into my brain. I hope Donovan is this good next week and again at Dallas but the drive-killing mistakes have to stop. We can't expect to turn the ball over multiple times against Dallas and still get a win. And we can't expect to do that in the playoffs.

  3. the eagles are still on the outside looking in. 1 loss and their playoff hopes are all but gone. i dont see them beating both dallas and washington. they too inconsistent

  4. Its a good story, but theres no way the Eagles are going to beat Dallas, especially since that game will have playoff implications for both teams. Tampa and Dallas are gonna take the 2 wild card spots, and both have serious potential to make some noise in the playoffs


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