Sunday, December 7, 2008

Playoffs??? Are you kidding me....

Just when we all thought the playoff picture was set, things changed dramatically in typical NFL fashion. Week 14 provided all kinds of drama throughout the NFL, and I have to be honest, I really don't have a clue how things will shake out. Some teams jumped right back into the playoff picture, while others lost some serious momentum.

Back in the Hunt

Philadelphia Eagles: Something tells me that tie is going to come back to haunt Eagles fans. But a convincing victory over the Giants leads me to believe that the Eagles are for real. I wouldn't be shocked if the Eagles grabbed a wild card spot. What a stunning turnaround.

New Orleans Saints: They still sit at the bottom of the wildcard race, but a hard fought victory against Atlanta keeps them alive. If they do find a way to sneak in, they can be dangerous.

Houston Texans: Solid victory over a fading Green Bay team. Its still far-fetched to imagine the Texans making the playoffs, but if they win out they might have a legitimate shot at the #6 seed.


Denver Broncos: Sure, they almost lost to the Chiefs, but that was an important victory. The Broncos essentially locked up the AFC West. The Broncos are a model for inconsistency, but that offense is scary when Brandon Marshall is playing well.

Arizona Cardinals: It may be the worst division in football, but props to the Cardinals for winning their first division title in 33 years.

Momentum Loss

New York Giants: For the last few weeks, the Giants have appeared to be unbeatable, and the media was touting them as a dynasty in the making. But maybe the distractions are starting to catch up with the Giants.

Dallas Cowboys:
The great American hype machine. The Cowboys faced a tough test on the road against Pittsburgh, but if they want to win in the playoffs they are going to need to win in the road.

New York Jets: I'm speechless about this one. I really don't know what to think about the Jets. They seemed to have the AFC East locked up, but now the division is up for grabs.

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  1. The god damn Eagles. I'm pumped we took down the Giants, but what the hell was going on all year? This team could easily be 10-3 right now and cruising into the playoffs. Regardless, i agree about the tie being a big potential problem.


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